Tuesday, June 05, 2012

List Building: Kromac and Mohsar 35 points

Last month's poll asked which of the Circle warlocks I should bring to the New England Team Tournament.  While I'm still considering my options and haven't committed yet, I did say that the top 3 voted warlocks would at least get a list building article.  The top 3 favorites for the NETT were: 1) Mohsar, 2) Kromac, and 3) pBaldur.  Since I've written about list building with pBaldur before, so I'll spare you from yet another article on him, but I'll instead focus on Mohsar and Kromac.  Since the tournament is 2 lists required, I'd need to bring both of these guys and have them cover all of the potential models I could see out there, and at 35 points it'll be even more challenging for Mohsar.  I'll start with Kromac first.

Here's the list that I'm considering:
Kromac (+4)
- Ghetorix (11)
- Warpwolf Stalker (10)
- Gorax (4)
Tharn Ravagers (full, 9)
- Chieftain (2)
Ravager White Maine (3)
Shadowhorn Satyr (7)

Technically this list is a theme force but it doesn't matter and I think it's a pretty stock standard 35 point list.  Perhaps that's why I'm not really intrigued by this too much, but this is what I think will be most effective.  This list is designed to deal mostly with Warmachine armies.  While I'm sure it could handle Hordes armies well, Bestial will often be more useful against Warmachine armies which tend to have more models that can channel spells, although Hordes armies can feature non-warlock spell casters as well.  The other advantage against Warmachine armies is that most Warmachine warcasters will be weary about getting within 13" of Kromac because of easy assassination, whereas a clever Hordes warlock has transfers to mitigate the large amount of damage.  I intend to leverage that threat against Warmachine players to either A) keep them camping focus in fear of Kromac going in for the assassination or B) keep them outside of 13" for fear that I could go in for the kill.
I'm comin' to GET YA!

With that in mind, the full unit of Ravagers not only makes sense thematically but they make sense for Kromac as perfect targets for Invioble Resolve since they will benefit most from the extra ARM with their 8 damage boxes.  Additionally, as Warmachine armies typically have larger amounts of infantry, the Ravagers will love claiming those corpse tokens and even with models with DEF 16+, the Ravagers will have as great of a chance [on the charge] as the Stalker with Wild Aggression.  Oh, yeah the Stalker is a great target for Wild Aggression, although if I'm really worried about obscenely-high DEF models, Wild Aggression could be great on Ghetorix as well.

While I don't have any ranged attacks to trigger Warpath, I'm not terribly worried because I think that the threat range of Kromac and the threat ranges of the rest of the models will allow me to hopefully get the charge off on enemy models to trigger the chain that way instead.  Every model in this list is a melee threat and has potential to deal some serious damage.  It's my hope that I can apply early pressure to keep my opponent 'against the ropes' as it were and in scenarios this means that my opponent will look at the middle of the board with some anxiety - and that's good!

Mohsar, on the other hand, was a much more difficult warlock to consider at 35 points, but here's what I came up with:
Mohsar (+5)
- Feral Warpwolf (9)
- Gnarlhorn Satyr (8)
- Gorax (4)
Druids of Orboros (7)
Bloodtrackers (full, 8)
- Nuala the Huntress (2)
Gallows Groves (1)
Gallows Groves (1)
Shadowhorn Satyr (7)

Mohsar is very difficult to build at 35 points for a couple of reasons.  He has a lengthy spell list and it's easy to get excited about certain spells and you want to have something for every occasion.  He also is fury 8, meaning you need to have a lot of high-fury beasts out there to keep him fueled up, leaving fewer points for other units or solos you'd want to take.  This list I think covers up all of those bases the best and still leaves me with some interesting options.

Like I said with Kromac, since this is a 2 list required tournament that means that I have more ways of covering my weaknesses and I think that this Mohsar list would work best against Hordes.  Mohsar's feat is cruel to any Hordes player and since I figured that Kromac would come out for Warmachine anyway, this list has been built up to take advantage of the knowledge that I'll just be dealing with Hordes.  That affords me a couple of assumptions: a) I won't have to deal with anything above ARM 21 (typically), b) heavy hitters will more often have DEF 12+, and c) there will be many more melee threats than ranged ones.  All three of those assumptions have allowed me to craft this list.

First, the Bloodtrackers will be instrumental in removing many melee elements from my opponent's army and their high DEF means that they will be difficult to remove from objectives and the like.  Mohsar's Mirage will be perfect on them and will allow them to stay ranged monsters even if my opponent just tries to engage them.  Gallows Groves nearby will also be instrumental in removing tough from enemy models nearby so I can trigger Quick Work on them, and if I face something with abnormally high ARM (like Gatormen Posse) then Curse of Shadows will help bring them down to reasonable levels for these fine ladies to remove them without a problem.  These ladies will be an essential element to my army and due to their natively high SPD and crazy movement shenanigans, I could potentially even use them for Sands of Fate targets to assassinate the enemy caster if I need to.

Since I know I'll be facing higher DEF targets, the Feral Warpwolf is a good choice and between Sunhammer, Pillars of Salt, and Counter Slam on the Gnarlhorn, I can keep my heavy warbeasts safe from engagement until I'm ready to pounce, affording myself fantastic board control.  While the Gnarlhorn doesn't hit as hard, he does provide me with 4 fury for only 8 points and he'll hit plenty hard enough when he has Primal on him and hit target has been affected by Curse of Shadows (POW 19 Grand Slam anyone?).  Bounding will also be key for not only improving my threat ranges but making sure that the charge/slam will hit.

Lastly, the Gallows Groves will be huge for allowing Mohsar to sit further back and still cast his spells and the Druids will be key in proving protection from spells as well as any odd ranged attacks that might come my way (except against Legion, but then I have Pillars of Salt anyway).  The Druids are also great for claiming zones (since they're DEF 16 in melee against non-reach infantry) and they can use Force Bolt to either bring enemy targets closer to be munched or push them away from scoring areas.  This list has so much board control it's silly and it seems like a lot of fun.  The only catch with this list is that I don't own any Bloodtrackers.

I guess it's time I actually pick some up, eh?
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