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Warmachine: Colossals Consolidated Spoilers! [UPDATED 6-3-12]

Today I have something special for you all.  With Lock n' Load starting yesterday, I managed to scour the interwebs for everything that I could find on this event (since I couldn't make it myself).  Not only do I have pictures for you but some awesome spoilers on some of the new models coming out!  If you were following the Facebook page yesterday then some of this will be old news for you (lesson: like us on Facebook!) but there will be some new stuff that I've compiled from the Privateer Press forums for you all.  Let's start with some pictures and then I'll head right into rules!

[UPDATE 6-3-12] - We also have one of the spoiled cards for the Trollbloods Mountain King!  This answers a lot of questions that I had about how these Gargantuan warbeasts would function.


Epic Morvahna?


Ashlynn Resculpt!

Farrow warlock "ripping the skull
out of a warpwolf!"

Asphyxious the Hellbringer!

Extreme Carnivean

Hyperion sighted!

Mountain King via Steamforged

Surprisingly fewer rules than I was expecting.  His animus will
be an Axer's best friend!

Theme Forces (from Muse on Minis)
Artificer General Nemo - Lightning War
Jacks:  Lancers, Cygnar non-character warjacks with immunity electricity, Thead
Units:  Field Mechanics, Cygnar units with Immunity to Electricity
Solos:  Junior,  Cygnar solos with immunity electricity
BE’s:  Storm Strider

Tier 1 — Reduce stormgaurd units by 1
Tier 2 — Add stormwall.   You can place any number of the stormpods before the start of the game 20″ from the back edge of the table.
Tier 3 — 2 more units +2″ of deployment
Tier 4 — Include a character warjack with Immunity electricity — first control phase jacks get 1 focus

Intercessor Kreoss - Revelations of the Creator
Jacks:  FOS and Non Chars
Units:  Choir, Exemplar units, Prot Cav Units
Solos:  Reclaimers, Exemplar Solos, Vassal Solos
Battle Engines:  Vessel of Judgement

Tier 1 — Increase the FA of non character Cav solos and units by 1
Tier 2 — Vengers = +1 to starting roll of the game
Tier 3 — FOS = Heavy warjacks with no ranged weapons = minus 1 point
Tier 4 — Choir.  For each choir included one jack gets advance move

Vladimir, Great Prince of Umbrey
Jacks:  Non-character warjacks, Drago
Units:  Battle Mechaniks, Khador Cav Units
Solos:  War Dog, Khador cav solos
Battle Engines:  Gun Carriage

Tier 1 — Increase FA of non-character cav solos, units, and battle engines by 1
Tier 2 — Army includes 2 or more cav units. Warjacks get +2 speed during your first turn of the game.
Tier 3 — Two cav solos. +1 on starting roll.
Tier 4 — Plus Drago. Warjacks -1 cost.

Asphyxious the Hellbringer
Jacks: Non-character warjacks, Cankerworm, Malice
Units:  Bile Thralls, Mech Thralls, Necrosurgeons, Soulhunters, Withershadow Combine
Solos:  Warwitch Sirens, non-character undead Cryx solos
Battle Engines:  Wrath Engines

Tier 1 — Free necrotech for each helljack.
Tier 2 — Plus Pistol Wraith.  Pistol Wraiths gain AD.
Tier 3 — Three or more units.  Each model begins the game with with a corpse or soul token.
Tier 4 — Plus Kraken.  +2″ deployment zone.

Vyros, Incissar of the Dawnguard
Jacks:  Myrmidons with force field damage fields
Units:  Dawnguard Units
Solos:  Arcanist, Dawnguard solos

Tier 1 — Destors become FA:U.  Destors -1 cost
Tier 2 — One or more Dawnguard Sentinel units.  Dawnguard Sentinels gain AD.
Tier 3 –  One or more Dawnguard Destor Thane.  Destor units and solos gain +2 speed on first turn.
Tier 4 — Vyros’ battlegroup includes one or more heavy warjacks.  Warjacks are allocated 1 focus on first turn.

General Ossrum
Jacks:  Mercenary Rhulic non-character warjacks
Units: Mercenary Rhulic units
Solos: Mercenary Rhulic solo

Tier 1 — One unit gains AD.
Tier 2 –  Two or more units with ranged weapons.  Place one trench template within 20″ of the back edge.
Tier 3 — Add two or more solos.  Friendly models can start affected by Ossrum’s upkeep spells.  No ukeep cost first turn.
Tier 4 — Add three or more warjacks.  Warjacks gain +2 speed during your first turn.

Warcaster and Colossal Spoilers (consolidated from Privateer Press Forums)
Artificer General Nemo and Finch
Finch- DEF 14 ARM 12 CMD8 Health5
-RNG 10 POW 10 gun with electro-leap
-Tuning Fork weapon Reach P+S 10, causes disruption
-Free upkeep per turn
-Free focus to jack within her CMD when Nemo allocates one or more focus to it.

Nemo3-FOC7, +3 warjack points
-DEF 14, ARM 16, 14 damage boxes, MAT 5, RAT 6
-RNG CTRL POW 10 gun with d3 electro leaps
-Reach melee weapon P+S 12, causes disruption
-spend focus to increase CTRL area (can effectively increase range of weapon!)
Lightnig field
-Lightning doesn't leap to models immune to electricity in his ctrl
Eye of the Storm - While in Nemoʼs control area, friendly models gain an additional die on electrical damage rolls. Eye of the Storm lasts for one turn.
-Chain lightning (as Nemo1)
-Electrify (as Nemo1)
-Fail Safe (as Nemo2)
-Force Hammer (As Siege)
-Lightning Shroud (as Nemo2)

Stats: eKreoss, but with Spd+3, Mat+1, Arm+1, the rest is unchanged. Has Signs and Portents on his melee, and Vengers get it as well from his elite cadre.
-Death Sentence
-Force Hammer
-Holy Ward, Ignite, Warpath
Feat: purify enemy upkeeps and animi, then cast upkeeps for free.


Two open fists, they hit as hard as Stormwall's.
Has 2 repenter guns and 2 redeemer guns. The redeemer guns only shoot once but have a secondary deviation rule like chain blast.
DEF 8. Same base armor (19), mat (6), and rat (5) as most Protectorate jacks.
Judicator is automatically allocated a point of focus as long as its subsystem is intact.
18 points

Vlad +1ARM, MAT 7
Feat - gives cavalry and jacks Side Step and Sprint
Blood-quenched (like Broadsides Bart, +1 STR, ARM for each living model killed)
Combat rider
Relentless charge
Brutal charge POW 13 flail chain weapon no reach spear POW 12 brutal charge reach
Crit knockdown mount
Flashing blade
Hand of Fate
Infernal Machine
Wind Wall
Razor Wind

SPD 4, ARM 20, DEF 7, P+S 21 (two open fists)
Side guns are RNG Hand Cannon, POW 12, AOE Small and can shoot twice without spending focus (so effectively two guns on each side).
Side guns may, instead of firing normally, put down POW 6 blast damage 3" AOE suppressing fire templates (max 4). This is implied to work like a Spriggan's selection of gun shots, meaning Broadsides will not work the way you want but you CAN fire the big gun since it's not a *action.
Big gun is RNG 15, POW 15, AOE 4, with Critical Devastation.

Asphyxious the Hellbringer
P+S 16 Reach
Cull Soul
Blood Boon (Bloody Barnabus)
DEF ARM same as before but +1 arm.
+4 WJ points
Feat: Rites of Shadow
When an enemy model is forced, casts a spell, and/or spends one or more more focus or fury points while in Asphyxiousʼ control area, Asphyxious heals d3 damage point and gains 1 soul token. Rites of Shadow lasts for one round.

Ashen Veil
Bone Shaker
Hex Blast
Scything Touch

Arcane Extension (same as Derlyss) - When allocating Focus you may give Focus to Warjacks from the same battlegroup in Vociferon's Command Range.
Death Harvest – Can move any number of soul tokens from Vociferon to Warcaster
Ghost Shield - +1 ARM per soul token
Soul tokens from warriors in his CMD range (9)
Channel through this model
Blood witch defense bane knight armor*
5 *boxes

General Ossrum
Crit decapitation on melee, P+S 13. Gun is a hand cannon.
Feat is +2 arm, +2 spd and pathfinder for friendly rhulic
Focus 6
Bullet Dodger
Fire for Effect
Lock the Target
Unstoppable Force
(Cost 2 SELF Ctrl Upkeep): Models in the battlegroup gain Bulldoze.
He has Martial Discipline as well. 

MAT 6, RAT 5, 60 boxes, ARM 19, DEF 9
Harpoon Cannon has drag. RNG 10 POW 15
2 deck guns rapid fire d3, RNG 14, AOE 3, POW 13
Cost 18
Crane open fist P+S 19, Trident P+S 21

Epic Vyros
Vyros2 stats: as Vyros, except SPD+2, DEF 15, ARM 18, CMD 10. Same focus stat.
Abilities: Birds eye, Inspiration dawnguard, quick work
he has an invictor gun w/ ROF 2, P+S in melee as an invictor +4, and reach. Also pow 10 mount
Easy Rider
Lock The Target

Hyperion SPD 5, STR 16, MAT 6, RAT 5, 18 points, 52 damage boxes + 12 field points (don't look to be arc-dependent)
No arc node, no magical extentions or buffs
P+S 20 on fists
Two POW 12 cannons with d3 strafe attacks each
open fist with glaives on each side
Main gun RNG 10, AOE 5, POW 18 critical consume.
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