Friday, June 22, 2012

35 point Army Deals: Minions

Once again, in the spirit of Privateer Press giving 25 point army deals, today I will present another 35 point list that is a good deal, falling within the $200-250 price range and will be fun/competitive to play with too!  Today I will take a look at the Blindwater Congregation, specifically, because as hard as I tried, it was difficult to find a really competitive list with the Thornfall Alliance that fit into the price range.  If there's enough demand I might try harder, but for now I came up with a list that is both affordable (coming in at $227.93 retail) and will be fun and characterful to play!  The only note that I need to make here is that one model (the Gatorman Witch Doctor) has not been released yet, but it can easily be replaced with a Thrullg for now - which will actually shave off an extra $2!  Without further ado, let's take a look at the list and then I'll give a brief description on how it's supposed to work:

Maelok the Dreadbound (+6) - $22.99
- Blackhide Wrastler (9) - $39.99
- Swamp Horror (8) - $27.99
- Bull Snapper (3) - $18.99Gatorman Posse (full, 9) - $49.99
Gatorman Posse (full, 9) - $49.99
Gatorman Witch Doctor (3) - $17.99

So how does this list work?  Well you'll notice the obvious inclusion of the Blackhide Wrastler for heavy hitting and the Bull Snapper for Spiny Growth.  These are both great models to own because they look great and also fit into every gator list you'll make.  The best part about them with Maelok is that he can potentially mitigate the 'pillow-fisted' nature of the Wrastler if Maelok gets close enough to a target to affect them with Malediction.  While it might seem like a bad idea to throw Maelok up close, with the Horror's animus he can threaten 10" away, reave fury from warbeasts (gaining him some transfers), gain some souls, and he can sit on up to ARM 23 (Spiny Growth, Death Pact, feat).

In the meantime, you have two full Gatorman Posse's to give your opponent some major headaches.  Most turns you'll want to upkeep Death Pact on one of the units to give them a helpful boost to their ARM and the other unit will usually be Zombified from the Witch Doctor to give them Tough (as if Gatormen weren't already annoying).  Come time for your feat turn and suddenly not only do you have 10 solid hitters which become Incorporeal to reach deep into the opponent's backfield, but both units will benefit from the +2 ARM for that round, making them even more obnoxious for your opponent to dislodge.

Lastly, I want to talk about how great the Swamp Horror will be in this list.  While it might not seem all that great, it's animus will be useful for both the Wrastler and Maelok.  With its Impervious Flesh you don't have to worry so much about getting shot to death and he'll make a great bodyguard for Maelok since it can't be knocked down (so it can always make free strikes) and with Reach and Pull on it's tentacles, it can either bring targets closer to Maelok and the Wrastler, or if its target is already in Malediction range, suddenly the Horror becomes truly frightening with 3 P+S 14's and a P+S 18 at an effective MAT 8!  Yikes!

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