Friday, June 29, 2012

35 point Army Deals: Legion of Everblight

Continuing the 35 point army deals, today we have the cheapest deal yet, clocking in at a mere $201.94 for the Legion of Everblight!  Part of the fun of playing Legion, of course, is being able to run with lots of warbeasts!  One of the most fun aspects of playing with the Legion of Everblight is being able to run with lots of warbeasts and to run them efficiently.  Today’s list not only has a bunch of warbeasts, but they’re warbeasts that you’ll see used in multiple Legion lists so you’ll be getting the most bang for your buck – and that’s part of the goal of these 35 point army deals.  Perhaps it's due to the lower cost of running a Legion army that they are very popular (although not as popular as they once were).  Without further ado, I present today’s 35 point Army Deal, led by Thagarosh, Prophet of Everblight!

pThagarosh (+5) - $19.99
Carnivean (11) -$34.99
Angelius (9) - $29.99
Scythean (9) -$34.99
Warmongers (full, 8) -$64.99
War Chief (3) -$16.99
Total: $201.94

This list is very straight forward, yet is very powerful.  The spell list for pThagarosh might first seem quite underwhelming with only one friendly upkeep spell, Fog of War (which is okay but only against ranged/magical threats) and an offensive upkeep that’s specific to Hordes only, but that’s only what’s on the surface – it’s his feat and abilities that will make him shine.  His feat will annoy any player: Thagarosh can return a warbeast which was destroyed back into play within 3” of him – giving him 9 or 11 free points in this list!  Additionally, Thagarosh has two passive abilities which are golden.  The first lets him cast the animus of a Legion warbeast in his battlegroup for free once per turn and Death Shroud which is so incredibly powerful that you might not realize why.

Death Shroud means that all enemy models within 9” of Thagarosh suffer -2 STR.  This is huge!  This is effectively the same as all of your models receiving +2 ARM but with the added benefit of reducing the distance of opponent throws, increasing your chances of resisting opponent throws, and it means that your two-handed throws (from the Carnivean) will almost always succeed.  Thagarosh and his force are really annoying to damage because of this passive ability (which can’t be negated in any form) and it means that Thagarosh is also DEF 14 and ARM 18 (effectively) making him very difficult to kill for a warlock.  Throw on Spiny Growth and suddenly Thagarosh is an effective ARM 20 most armies will shudder at trying to deal with that – especially since he can still transfer.

Since Thagarosh can also cast an animus for free, the Carnivean is practically an auto-include since Spiny Growth is worth the extra points you pay (and you can just bring back the Carnivean anyway).  While the animi of Scythean is nice, it’s situational and the Angelius animus will most often be useless on Thagarosh who wants to get closer to his enemy, not push them back.  You’ll want to play aggressively with the Carnivean because you know that you can always just bring him back and with Spiny Growth and Thagarosh’s passive Death Shroud the Carnivean is effectively ARM 22, meaning that your opponent will need to throw another warbeast or a warjack at him to kill him – and then they’ll suffer damage from Spiny Growth!  Even if they kill the Carny, just bring him back!  It’ll be terribly annoying.

The Warmongers are also a solid choice for this list.  While the Scythean is great and clearing out infantry, the Warmongers will be much better at it and with the War Chief around, they won’t have to hit themselves in the face for doing so.  They would also be a reasonable target for Draconic Blessing if you didn’t want to throw it on one of your beasts and then their melee attacks hit at a whopping P+S 16 – enough to seriously damage a warjack/warbeast!   With Death Shroud, again you’ll be sitting at a higher effective ARM value which will keep them alive that much longer with their significant number of damage boxes, meaning that they’ll be able to survive most counter-charges they take.

What you’re left with is a fun, simple list that promises to hit hard and frustrate your opponent while you laugh at your awesome counter-punch.  The best part of all?  It’s fairly cheap to assemble and pretty much all of the aspects of the list will be welcome with other warlocks!
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