Tuesday, June 19, 2012

35 point Army Deals: Cygnar

With the recent arrival last week of the Artificer General Nemo and his assistant Caitlin Finch, I decided to delve right into what seems to be one of the most powerful warcasters of recent memory.  The best part about the list I'm about to share is that it's incredibly cheap for a 35 point army ($219.92 retail) to own without sacrificing on brutal effectiveness.  In the spirit of the new 25 point summer deals, I decided to share with you all some cheap (but fun!) 35 point armies to try out that I aim to price between $200-250 retail.  Not only will I share the list and retail prices with you but I aim to also provide a brief description of how the army is played in the style of a short list building article!  Let's start today with Cygnar's 35 point deal: Artificer General Nemo!

This deal takes advantage of a solid price/point ratio with a couple of models as well as building on the synergies of Cygnar's newest warcaster.  Let's quickly break down some of Nemo's key features, I'll share the list and costs, and then I'll explain how it all fits together!

The first thing that's important to note about the Artificer General is actually his attachment: Caitlin Finch.  She has two significant abilities that make her a great unit attachment: Arcane Assist which lets Nemo upkeep a spell for free, and Arcantrik Tuning which means when Nemo allocates 1 or more focus to a warjack in his battlegroup and within 8" of Finch, she adds a free focus.  This is a significant ability which allows Nemo to run warjacks incredibly efficiently and essentially lets him save his focus for his spells or other abilities instead.

The next thing that you need to know about the Artificer General is his feat: while within his control area, roll an additional die for electrical damage rolls!  This is huge as it turns normal electro-leaps into an effective POW 10 weaponmaster hit!  This is quite significant since electricity will leap between targets and hits high-DEF models automatically - but the additional damage die makes that even more frightening.  This also stacks well with Nemo because while within his control area, lightning arcs can ignore friendly models - in other words, your leaps will always jump to the nearest enemy model so you don't have to worry about positioning.  This is... amazing!

So for the list that I developed I looked to take advantage of these abilities of Nemo's to the fullest - I don't even have to look at his spell list at this point, so let's see what I've crafted:

An amazing warjack!
Artificer General Nemo & Finch (+3) - $21.99
- Stormclad (10) - $30.99
- Stormclad (10) - $30.99
Stormblades (5) - $42.99
- Officer & Standard (3) - $19.99
Stormguard (min, 6) - $42.99
Storm Tower (2) - $14.99
Storm Tower (2) - $14.99

One key feature about this list is the Stormclads.  Note that Stormclads will automatically generate a focus point if they activate near Stormblades (which we have included in this list).  That means that Nemo can allocate 1 focus point, Finch with grant an additional focus for her Arcantrik Tuning, and with Reserve Accumulator the Stormclad gets an additional focus.  In other words, Nemo only has to allocate 2 focus points to completely fill up a Stormclad!  Since these are already such efficient warjacks, you can see how frighteningly good that is!

Probably the best artillery in the game!
Aside from that, this list makes sure that there are electrical damage attacks or electro-leaps everywhere so that on your feat turn you can unleash the fury of the storm!  Stormblades are packing effectively POW 14 electrical shots that get an extra die, the Stormguard halberds have electro-leap (which jump to only enemy models!), the Storm Towers will not only throw out POW 14 electrical shots but also generate d3 electro-leaps, Stormclads can either fire POW 14 electrical blasts or get the generated electro-leaps from their blades when they hit their main target, Finch has a ranged electrical shot with electro-leap, and lastly Nemo's ranged shot generates d3 electro-leaps!  Phew, that's a LOT of lightning!  You had just better hope that you're not playing against another Cygnar player or some Circle Druids with Elemental Immunity cast and you'll be able to decimate most armies on your feat turn.

This will be quite the fun and effective 35 point list in the hands of any player and is fairly inexpensive to put together!
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