Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Showcase: Sloan and the Minutemen

 First of all, look what arrived yesterday!  It took a good amount of time to put together but I have to say I'm impressed with the quality of the kit.  There was some flash and a slight miscast along a mould line, but I'm overall impressed with the thoughtful placement of the mould lines and assembly points.  While I work on the colossal task of painting it (GET IT!?) I figured I'd share some of my other Cygnar models: two of the four Minutemen I own, and Kara Sloan - who I finished painting yesterday!  I don't claim to be a great painter but I am quite pleased with how these models came out.

 This is the first Minuteman I painted.  See the glowing effect through his hull?  That was achieved by painting GW's new Lamenter's Yellow Glaze over white, followed by a diluted layer of GW's Bloodletter Glaze.  I'm pleased with the effect and I decided to use these glazes later.
Side shot

I used the glazes again for the stacks

Here you can see both Minutemen painted.  I painted the second one with a darker copper and the glowing effect is more orange.  This way I can differentiate the two of them better on the tabletop.

Here's Kara Sloan and I'm very pleased with how she turned out!  She was quite the daunting model to paint since she has such tiny little details on her model.  For those unfamiliar with my Cygnar army, I paint them all which dark skin tones because I think there are plenty of white people on the tables already.
My painting skills are limited and so I had a tough time with such fine details but I'm done with her and I think she turned out okay without killing myself over her.
I'm really pleased with how her hair turned out!  It was simple, really.  I painted it with some Reaper yellow over white primer, applied the GW Bloodletter Glaze, and then highlighted with the same yellow again!
Lastly, I decided to have some fun with the model!  I love the artwork for Kara in the Cygnar book and wanted to replicate the arcane runes which appear around her gun.  I took some old blister plastic, cut it into circles, then copied the runes with a blue sharpie along the edges.  I applied a layer of varnish then painted the interior of the runes with white and varnished again.  As you can see, there was some bleeding but I'll touch them up later.  I imagine I'll use these as creative spell effects (the one on the gun to represent Fire Group and the one under the base for Refuge).

I plan on bringing Kara Sloan and the Stormwall to the tournament on Sunday but I'll be sharing that list later ;-)
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