Monday, April 02, 2012

New Poll: Hordes Colossals (Gargantuans?)

Hey everyone, it's time to look at the results of the last poll and present you with a new one!  This last poll was very interesting and asked you 'Which Warmachine Colossal are you most excited for?' with some very interesting results.  So before I look at the results of the last poll, I want to present you with the next one: 'Which of the Hordes Colossals (Gargantuans?) are you most excited for?'  While this poll is ostensibly the same as the last one, the added difference here is that the only Hordes Colossals (I've heard them called 'Gargantuans' but this is not official yet) have not really been spoiled, with the exception being the artwork for the Trollblood Mountain King.  This poll essentially asks which one are you excited to see revealed, not just released!  For one, I'm very interested to see what Skorne receives!  Now let's take a look at the results of the last poll...

Which Colossal are you most excited about?

Stormwall (Cygnar)
  19 (20%)
Conquest (Khador)
  15 (15%)
Judicator (Menoth)
  14 (14%)
Kraken (Cryx)
  18 (18%)
Galleon (Mercenaries)
  15 (15%)
Hyperion (Retribution)
  14 (14%)

This poll had some interesting results, most notably the [lack of a significant] margin between the different Colossals.  It's not surprising that people were most excited about the Stormwall, since it was one of the first presented, will be the first released, and is a beautiful model.  I must admit, I was expecting to see more excitement about the Conquest, given the popularity of Khador, but it tied for 3rd with the Galleon and was behind the Cryxian Kraken.  This shouldn't be terribly surprising, though, since not only is Cryx a popular faction, but the Kraken is the most different looking of all of the Colossals.  I'm very interested to see what the model looks like, considering it's artwork.

Lastly, we see that the poor Judicator and Hyperion garner the least excitement, but that's probably due to the relative popularities of the two factions they represent.  Sadly, we haven't even seen the artwork for the Hyperion, even though we have seen it's 3D mock-up in the Colossal reveal.
Holy Crap!  It shoots rockets!

Even still, the margins are incredibly small and, although I'm not a statistics expert, I daresay everyone is equally excited for each faction's Colossal!  We'll see how the Hordes factions compare next month...

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