Monday, April 23, 2012

Local Warmachine/Hordes League - Week 1

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The LGS that I've been frequenting is just starting a 6 week League starting today and I'm intrigued to see what will come out of it.  It's roughly based on the Journeyman League rules but with some interesting twists that have had me thinking pretty much all day on Saturday about what I should bring to the event.  Unfortunately (at least in my opinion), a greater emphasis is placed on winning games in this league instead of just playing, so it means that I have to make sure that I bring my A-game.  This means, though, that I'm less inclined to try something different because I'll basically be penalized for playing with a list that will result in a couple of losses.  Oh well.  Let me share with you the league rules and run through what I was thinking all day on Saturday, preparing for this League.

So here are the basic rules.  Each player can only submit 2 games per week for results to be counted towards the League scoring, with each win being worth 3 points and losses being worth 1.  If you fail to report any games for that week, you lose a point.  There are also points for painting, which I think is great!  For each fully painted model you earn 2 points, partially painted is 1 point, and the two 'best painted armies' (subjectively) will receive 2 extra points.  The painting rules do seem to work well in my case, as I have a lot of models that need to be painted and this will serve as some great motivation for me to get them done!

The event will run for 6 weeks, with each round looking like the following:
First Round April 23rd – April 29th
Duel Level 15 points
Basic Battle

Second Round April 30th – May 6th
Duel Level 15 points
Basic Battle

Third Round May 7th – May 13th
Skirmish Level 25 points
Basic Battle

Fourth Round May 14th – May 20th
Skirmish Level 25 points
Scenario Battle

Fifth Round May 21st – May 27th
Skirmish Level 35 points
Scenario Battle

Sixth Round May 28th – June 4th
Skirmish Level 35 points
Scenario Battle

Each player can only run with one faction and can only use two warcasters/warlocks from that faction for the entire League.  Additionally, each player needs to submit their lists on the forums before the round begins, so everyone can see what they'll be facing.  Unfortunately, this might lead to people waiting until the last-minute to post their lists, but I don't care if people see what I'm bringing anyway.  You are allowed to change your list between rounds, as long as you stick with only two warcasters throughout the League, but everything else can switch.

So with the first round beginning today, what did I decide to bring?  Well while I really wanted to give my Fiona Highborn Covenant a chance, Fiona will be really bad at 15 points, methinks, and I didn't want my other warcaster to be Broadsides Bart because I felt like I'd be really limited in the later rounds.  I wanted to branch out (heh) from playing with my Circle, so that left me with choosing between Trolls and Cygnar.  I don't have enough Trolls yet at this point to really make them worth trying, so it means I was left with Cygnar - which is fine because I need more motivation to paint them.
Sorry babe, 15 points just isn't for you.

I have a gross amount of Cygnar models.  I'm talking about over 200 points worth of models.  I didn't realize I owned that many models until I took an inventory today.  Sadly, most of those points aren't even in warjacks!  Oy.  Anyway, I needed to choose a first warcaster to run with and I had a couple of options.  At first, I thought a triple Ironclad list would be lulzy with Kraye.  Being able to ride-by-attack with Tremor on their hammers could be quite funny, but then I realized I only own one Ironclad.  That needs to be rectified ASAP.  I also tossed around the idea of running with eNemo, Ol' Rowdy, and 3 Chargers just to make someone angry.  Since I wanted to try something different, however, I decided not to use the old man... yet.  I also considered Darius.  Now he could be fun!  I tossed around the idea of taking two Hammersmiths, the squire, and Strangeways, relying on some great annoying tactics as well as taking complete advantage of Beat Back with Darius' Full Throttle, and I recently did get the parts I needed to make a second Hammersmith.  Very promising, and I might still take him in round two, but I need to clean up the models a bit first if I want to paint them.
I really want to give Darius a chance, so I'm thinking he
might be my choice for a 2nd warcaster in this league

In the end I decided to try the Cygnar warcaster I've been most excited about using for some time.  Here's my list:
Constance Blaze (+6)
- Gallant (9)
Precursor Knights (full, 8)
- Officer and Standard (2)
Harlan Versh (2)

I've been itching to put her on the table for over a year!
I love this list!  While it might at first seem like it's lacking heavy-hitters, even the Precursors can hit hard enough to cripple systems on Khadorian warjacks thanks to their UA and Transferrence on Connie.  Her feat will be less spectacular at this point level, but the rest of the list will work quite well methinks to deny a lot of the tricks that can be devastating at 15 points.  For example, the ever-annoying Kayazy Assassins can be easily managed thanks to Blessed on every weapon (except Gallant's) and putting any upkeep buffs is actually a liability for my opponent with Purgation on Versh and Gallant, and since every model is Morrowan, Constance Blaze will be able to go crazy with Flanking and wreck stuff by herself if she needs to.  Lastly, between Banishing Ward for Connie or Gallant and the native spell immunity for the Precursors and Versh, enemy offensive spells and debuffs will have a hard time doing anything to almost anyone in my whole army.  This allows me incredibly flexibility and denial and forces my opponent to play on straight-up statlines which will usually be to my advantage compared with armies like Cryx or Khador, let alone any Hordes factions.  Suddenly Maelok doesn't seem quite so scary anymore!
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