Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Showcase: Diorama Art Project

Day 3 of plugging the Steam-Powered Gamer Facebook page!  Not only will I be posting updates about miscellaneous Privateer Press news on the facebook page, but various photos of models or projects that aren't found here - such as what I'll be sharing with you today!

Today I actually have to share something really special: a Warhammer 40k diorama that one of my best friends made for his senior art project.  Typically I don't post anything 40k related on here, but since this was done by one of best friends and it was his senior college project, he wanted me to share it so that people could enjoy his work.  Also, I must claim some credit for the project.  When he was torn about what he wanted to do for a senior project as an art major, I convinced him that he should really do what he loves most: 40k!  Not only was it a great display of artistic skill, but it also gave him a great excuse to paint up a bunch of models that he could play with later (which he did).

There were around 125 photos taken in all of this project, but I went through and found some of my favorites and I will be sharing them below.  Please leave any comments of praise or adoration for my friend, as he worked really hard on it and would love to hear your feedback!  Maybe I'll even convince him to write up some hobby/painting articles for you all...

Click the photos to see the high-res version!

He named his Dreadnaughts after his friends.
This guy is supposed to be me!

One of his other buddies became a casualty...

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