Monday, April 16, 2012

4/15/12 Tournament Results

I had mentioned on here in passing that there was a tournament yesterday at the Hobbytown USA in New Milford, CT.  I've been frequenting the club a lot lately because a) it's relatively close to where I live and b) everyone there is really cool!  When I had originally moved to CT, I tried frequenting a club in Torrington but while they had a reasonably good stock of models, the people there were quite insular and mostly just played 40k.  I wish that Hobbytown carried more Warmachine/Hordes product, but I imagine that as more people get into the game and place orders, that could change.  But I digress.  The tournament yesterday was pretty fun and while there were only 6 of us present, it was good to get some games in with my Circle.  First, let me share a couple of pictures from the event!

These were all taken during the first round:
Hot Cryx on Cryx action!

Gators vs. Trolls!

Me with my Circle vs. my opponent with...

...more Cryx!  Beautfiul Wraith Engine but
too bad that I killed it turn 2
I don't have a blow-by-blow but I do have the approximate lists that I played against.  The first round I played against probably the best Cryx match-up I could hope for (sorry!), especially since he only had one list.  He did end up winning the painting prize, so I don't quite feel so bad.  I took two lists to the tournament but only had to play two games so I didn't even end up playing with pKrueger.  Instead I rocked (heh) my old standby: pBaldur, Tier 4!

pBaldur (+6)
- Megalith (10*)
- Woldguardian (8*)
- Woldwyrd (5)
Stoneward + Woldstalkers (5)
Stoneward + Woldstalkers (5)
Sentry Stone + Mannikins (3)
Shifting Stones (2)
Shifting Stones (2)
- Stone Keeper (1)

Most people hate on the Woldguardian but he was my MVB both games, delivering the assassination in each, thanks to some clever shifting stone usage (if I do say so myself).  My first match was against eSkarre with the Wraith Engine and it was a heavily incorporeal list, which was unfortunate considering everything in my list had magical weapons and only 4 of my models were living... whoops!  This is what he had, if I remember correctly:

eSkarre (+6)
- Corruptor (8)
- Stalker (4)
- Stalker (4)
- Skarlock Thrall (2)
Wraith Engine (9)
Pistol Wraith (3)
Pistol Wraith (3)
Blackbane's Ghost Raiders (min, 6)
Necrotech (1)
Scrap Thralls (1)

I was fortunate enough to go first and placed my stuff quite aggressively.  By turn 2 I was close enough to kill the Wraith Engine with the Woldwyrd (it had Death Pact on it) and the Woldguardian getting teleported right into its face.  Also, thanks to some good placement, I was able to get just in range of the Pistol Wraiths and hose them with some Woldstalkers (I <3 magical weapons!).  My opponent got screwed up a little bit with his activation order and forgetting to use his feat, but by the time it mattered, I finished off his real heavy hitters and was able to make it close enough to eSkarre to knock her down with a boosted Earth Spikes and followed-up with a teleported Woldguardian to her face.  Still, my opponent's army looked great and it was my first time playing against the Wraith Engine.  I'm just glad I had a match-up that worked in my favor.

My second round was against a great player I met at Templecon who actually gave me a demo of Dark Age.  He was a solid player who in the first round played Maelok well against a slightly-rusty eMadrak brick.  I was not excited about the prospects of playing either Barny or Maelok, but at least my Baldur list could mess around with either list.  I ended up facing off against Barny and this is what his list looked like:

Barnabus (+6)
- Wrastler (9)
- Spitter (8)
- Snapper (3)
Gatorman Posse (full, 9)
Gatorman Posse (full, 9)
Thrullg (3)

While I really could not do much against his Gatormen, I was able to perform my favorite Shifting Stone slingshot to deliver my Woldguardian (again!) into the face of his Wrastler, and kill him with some fortuitous dice rolls.  I survived the subsequent charges by the Thrullg (removing Stone Skin), Ironback Spitter, and Barnabus himself!  I got really lucky and sat on two damage boxes (Body and Spirit!) before he decided that he needed to camp two fury for transfers and leaving me open to try and pulp him.  I teleported the Sentry Stone within range to gulp one fury, and with some help from a nearby Megalith, I was able to drop Barny to DEF 11 (no Iron Flesh on him) then hit him with the Woldguardian a couple of times at P+S 19 (Stone Skin again from Baldur) to finish him off with only enough room to make one more swing.  While I got a little lucky with my damage rolls (he transfered 9 damage and then got hit for 12), I was in a really good position anyway and was feeling pretty good about the second win.

After that game, it was calculated that one more round wasn't needed and I won 1st place, and my last opponent got 2nd!  All in all, I always enjoy playing with pBaldur and I think that he is such a solid warlock with a surprising number of tricks at his disposal.  I'm glad I could maintain his good name!

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