Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Updated Blog Features

Whether you're new or a returning visitor to my blog you might notice that I have some tabs towards the top of the page.  These tabs provide links to past articles I've written on various subjects and as time goes on and I write more, I try to make sure that those tabs are updated.  This past weekend I made another update to the tabs above, consolidating some information, dividing others, and creating a new tab entirely to feature Battle Reports when I get around to them.  So, whether this is your first time here or you've been checking out my blog since October, I figured I'd give you a breakdown on what you can find in each tab, in case you're looking for something general (if you want to search for specific articles, you're welcome to use the 'Search' feature on the left).

Blog - This tab links to the homepage of the blog.  Nothing special here but you can navigate home by clicking this while checking out other pages.

List Building - Much of this blog centers around building effective lists.  While there's a lot of knowledge out there on what makes 'the best' list, I tend to focus on list building for factions with which I play and in particular with models/units/warcasters/warlocks that tend to be underestimated, in my opinion.  I like the challenge of taking something that most people consider "bad" and looking at it in a different light.  You can find most of my List Building articles here.  There will be other articles which discuss lists in light of particular rules (such as the Mercenary Unit Attachment series), but those will be in The Learning Center tab instead.

Battle Reports - This tab features all of the Battle Reports I've made. Currently this tab contains only a few links but I have committed to expanding on the number of Battle Reports made by this blog in the future!  You might find some overlap here with other sections if the particular battle report is relevant to another topic discussed in either The Learning Center or Reviews.  You will also find Debriefings for battle reports (as necessary) on this page as well, and they will be listed beneath their relevant battle report.

Homebrew Rules - Occasionally I have some fun and create homebrew rules for various holidays, and those can be found in this section.  If there are any scenarios created, those may also be found here.  Everything on this page is meant for fun, so nothing should be taken too seriously!

Hobby - This page contains various articles on useful hobby information and tips.  Painting articles and showcases of my own painted collections can be found on this page as well.

Reviews - When a new book is released for Warmachine/Hordes I will make sure to make an in-depth review.  Any reviews that I do can be found on this page.

The Learning Center - While this page is certainly intended for those for whom the game is relatively new, even seasoned players can check out this page for articles for some inspiration on using certain rules.  While this section is relatively shallow currently, I do plan on continuing my series for beginners and those articles will eventually be found on this page.

Glossary - This is another page that is intended for those who are relatively new to the game, or may be trying a new faction and don't quite understand what the different terminology means.  If you have no idea what TFG, WGDS, or WoO are, then this is a page that you'll want to investigate.  Also note that these definitions are also a little tongue-in-cheek, so again, don't take anything too seriously!

Editorials - I have strong opinions.  This is a new page that I created so that anyone who's looking to browse my editorials can see what kinds of topics I enjoy writing about.  I think you'll sense a trend rather quickly...

So that's it!  I do love this blog and it's most definitely a labor of love for those who are interested in Warmachine/Hordes - whether veteran or novice.  I guess this is a good moment to thank all of you for your support for the short time that this blog has been live, and I hope it'll continue well into the future!
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