Thursday, November 24, 2011

Homebrew: Gobbler, the Crazy Turkey Warbeast!

Since there was such an interest in Archeron during Halloween, I figured that I could make some rules for a fun Turkey warbeast for Turkey Day!  I present you all with Gobbler, the Turkey Warbeast!

I decided to craft his rules as a character Shredder (although I guess he could be a character Harrier too), as I figured it was most appropriate for a crazy Turkey.  It might seem a bit overpowered but I decided to give him the animus Gobble Gobble! which gives him Rabid.  It's twice as expensive as for a Shredder, since it will be really good for a Legion warlock to put on themselves.  I figured that a fairly fragile warbeast with such a great animus wouldn't be so overpowered, as Gobbler will likely die pretty easily with any concerted attacks since he also lost snacking.

In the end, though, I thought it would be hilarious to imagine a giant turkey going "GOBBLE GOBBLE!" and going crazy flying at your opponent!  Enjoy and have a happy Turkey Day!

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