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Spoilers: Lots of Domination stuff!

Alright so yesterday's post featured some detailed reviews of the actual Domination cards for some Warbeasts, but there has been a metric TON of spoilers on the Privateer Press forums!  Not terribly surprising, considering that the book will be out in two weeks.  Not only do we have rules and stats but even some tier lists!  I'm a huge fan of tier lists, and they were the reason why I even got into Mk II.

Alright so here's everything that I have synthesized while trolling through the Privateer Forums:

eGrissel (Fell Caller with +3DEF +2ARM), WB as pMadrak
Tough, Inspiration
Spells: Arcane Bolt (pHaley), Dash (Rhyas), Inhospitable Ground (Gorten)
Feat: All FF in CTRL gain Unyielding (Borka) and Hyper Aggressive
Melee Weapon as pGrissel
Ranged ROF3 others same as Runeshaper Rockhammer with ammo type
- First makes it AOE4 POW12 and template remains in play, enemies and non-FF models who enter/end activation take POW12 hit
- Second is Quake
- Third makes it SP10 POW12
Each ammo type can be used only once

Storm Troll (Winter Troll stats all the way)
Immune to electric
Claws - same as Winter but with crit Disruption
Gun - Pyre RNG and POW, arcs d3 times (boostable dmg)
Electrostatic - jacks that hit but don't kill in melee are disrupted

Animus - COST1 immunity to electric and electroleap

ROK (Mauler stats with +1MAT +2RAT -2THR and +2PC)
Immune to cold
Special Issue (Borka)
Gun - SP6 POW14 cold, crit Freeze
Big Meaty Fist (same P+S as Mauler)
Battle Axe (P+S = Mauler ARM)

Animus = Primal (Gorax)

Sons of Bragg (Character Fell Caller Unit)
PC - Axer, all statted as Fell Caller with +1 DEF
Tough, Fearless, Theme Songs (cannot be affected by external friendly Fell Calls)
Wrather is Leader, has Reach, Weapon Master and POW is double unit cost
Tor has 1 sword at Fell Caller POW and Weapon Master, but Fell Caller spray and Assault
Rhudd just has two Fell Caller Swords
Pick one fell call each turn for the unit:
- Fervor (see Kriel Warriors)
- Defiance (+4 Tough)
- Call to Action (immediate stand up)

War Wagon (Long Rider SPD, Fennblade MAT, Slugger RAT, Mulg ARM, Mauler PC, ARM+3 dmg boxes)
Linebreaker (Horthol)
Power Attack Trample
Weapon Platform
Gun: as spoiled plus Arcing Fire
Scattergun as Scattergunner
Mount has auto KD, Trampling Hooves (can make charge attacks with mount weapon and attack with them if it didn't charge)

Theme Lists

Allowed: Axer, Bouncer, Impaler, Blitzer, Bomber, Mauler, Kriel Warriors, Bushwhackers, Long Riders, Sons of Bragg, Whelps, Horthol, War Wagon

Tier 1 Only models above, reduce cost of cavalry models by 1
Tier 2
Includes Horthol, +1 to starting roll
Tier 3
Include Sons of Bragg, one Medium based unit gets advance move.
Tier 4
Grissel takes 3+ warbeasts, warbeasts in her battlegroup gain +2SPD for first turn

Jarl Skuld
Allowed: non-character beasts, Kriel Warriors, Bushwhackers, Scattergunners, Sons of Bragg, Chronicler, Skinner, Whelps
Tier 1
Models listed above, +1 starting roll and Kriel Warrior units gain Advance Move.
Tier 2
2 Scattergunner units, free UA ignoring FA
Tier 3
3+ units, models/units gain Pathfinder first turn
Tier 4
3+ lights in Jarls battlegroup, lights in his battlegroup gain advance deploy
Circle of Orboros:
Griffon: (Comparing to argus)
spd -1
str same
mat +1
swap def/arm
3 attacks
beak is same as bite
2 claws are bite -1
same fury
cost +1
animus - shadow shift
double control range

Ghetorix - Kromac's character warpwolf
Has a great ax and bite, axe has 1 more pow than stalker. Can warp strength, Snacking, hyper aggressive. Has unyielding, MAT is feral's MAT. causes terror, no pathfinder. animus is Ornery. special issue. pc megalith. fury same as regular wolves. Axe is like tharn axes so it hits easier on the charge.  (I'm thinking it's a character Feral, not a Stalker)

Gallows Groves - 1 point solo, FA: 4
Seems interesting enough, can channel spells through it and it has Entropic Force. Downside is its CMD range for EF is very low and you cant place it with Stones (only its own porting which is like the Sentry Stone).

He does have a way of removing wurm tokens by forfeiting his action (each token gives him +1 STR but he suffers 1 point of damage per token during maintenance phase; cannot be transferred). No forest walk. Keeps elemental mastery.  -1 DEF +1 ARM compared to primal version
Crevasse (Mohsar)
Rock Wall (Gorten, Gunnbjorn)
Roots of Earth (Unique  +3 ARM cannot be knocked down, moved, or placed.  Not upkeep!)
Ground Zero (Durgen)
Feat - gives roots of earth to every friendly model in control.

eBaldur's Tier List: Constructs & Megalith, Druids, Shifting Stones, Blackclad, Gallows Grove, LotF, Fulcrum
Tier 1:
20" Deploy on Shifting Stones and Gallows Groves
Tier 2: 1+ Druids
For each druid unit one BE can advance move.
Tier 3: Megalith
Heavies gain +2 SPD on turn 1
Tier 4: 2+ Light constructs
-1 Cost from light constructs

Grayle's Tier List: Allowed is everything that is related to a wolf/dog. Beasts? small and big dogs. Units? Dogs with Axes and humans with dog-capes (wielding spears or crossbows). Solos? Dogs, Humans wearing dogcapes including that one riding on a dog.
Bonuses ? Free dogs!
Tier 1
Humans with dog-capes and their UA (!) are FA U.
Tier 2
If you have units, you get a free dog-solo (for each unit!)
Tier 3
If you have a big Human with dogcape riding on a dog, one of your units (yes dogcapes required!) moves before the game starts.
Tier 4
If the battlegroup contains 3 of the smaller dog-beasts, your deployment-zone is extended.

Legion of Everblight:
Battle Engine:
Most notable thing about the BE is that the tentacles have 4" reach during it's activation and are Chain Weapons (for all that matters) and POW 15. All other spoilers seen so far are correct. Frostbite and mini EoS. Does have Battle Wizard and flies. Fairly low SPD for Legion.

New character heavy, Special Issue with Abby. Animus gives Snacking. Has Herding, same points as a Carnivean, Fury 5, two Carnivean claws, a Claw-2 with reach and Drag and a Claw-2 range 6 attack with drag.
Carnivean statline, three melee and a short range initial.
Two open fists swing at the same POW as a Slayer.
Tentacles are 2 pow less. Chain Weapon.
It's shooting attack with Chain Weapon Tentacle Lash, is the same POW as Tentacles but it has Drag.. at 2" less than a Reaper. So with SPD and range, it's got a 12" drag threat.  It has the usual Legion abilities, Sight, Pathfinder, Blood Creation, Souless. Abby can take it in her Tier and Bond.
The other main abilitiy it has is Herding. While with it's CMD (most common number on 2D6) you can force, reeve, heal, transfer, etc. Exactly is it the warlock was in range. As an incidental ability, that's really good. It means Proteus will never charge out of control range, plus it bumps your control forward a bit. The problem is, if you rely on Proteus and he dies- you may have beasts out of control and be unable to leach. You could easily drop a game due to this.

Warlock attachment, upkeeps a spell for free and can cast an animus.

Naga Nightlurker:
Light warbeast, animus gives Magical Weapon and Blessed, has Prowl and Crit Shadowbind on its bite and a magical ranged attack.

Farilor (or Failor):
3 points, he gives Set Defense and Iron Zeal minifeat (see Temple Flameguard), standard gives Mage Static to Legionnares

Spells are Admonition, Icy Grip, Obliteration, Occultation, Purification and Refuge (When the affected model hits an enemy model with an attack, at the end of its combat action it can make a full advance without taking free strikes).
The Feat: Vayl can cast EVERY SPELL ON HER SPELL LIST ONCE WITHOUT SPENDING FURY. I needed a towel after reading that.
She's on the squishy end, with average DEF/ARM. Oraculi are ROF 3, but now she rolls to hit. What. Did she suddenly forget how to toss the ball? At least she can still arc through the target.
Serenity - Discard a fury from a beast before she leeches. Basically makes her Fury 9. Neat ability.
Quickdraw - If she gets shot at, she can toss an Oraculi at the shooter. A hit results in an auto-miss.

Great offensive sinergies with our infantry (Ashen Veil and Black Spot), raising def against melee (against the living) and ranged and lowering enemy defense. Very good sinergies with 13+ defense beasts against living. Archidon get def 16 against ranged and melee living.
I think Venators of all kind with Black Spot can be a headache. MK will decimate entire unis with Black Spot. Notice than a fully loaded AG can make up to 8 attacks with effective MAT 10.
Our best anti-infantry lock: Ashes to Ashes, Black Spot and feat means he can, potentialy, drop 2d6+2 infantry models, paired with channeling ability.
Some limited spell assessination potential with up two fully boosted hellfire. The other spells: Arcane Reckoning and Hellfire.
Every time a model is destroyed in his CTRL a model in his BG heals one.
Bond: channeling in his CMD (equal to pHexeris)
Feat (can steal fury, focus and souls on any non warlock/warcaster model in CTRL) is great against Hordes and some cryxian builds. Since you can take fury from your beast can be used as a last resort for fury manipulation. Also he can be used forward and move back to safety if Archidon (must destroy an enemy model) or Molik Karn animus is used, with feat is guaranteed.
An Archidon with animus up, it's an excellent node for him.
Same stats, he added *Thresser to his weapon. Same WB points.

Cyclops Raider:
Good sinergies with ranged models: Cannoneer, Shaman and Flayer Cannon. Mordikaar and Siege Animantarax can be supported for good. Anti-stealth if he forfeits movement, in the end it can give a shot with (hellfire pow) as range and pow against a large base. Can boost attack and damage rolls if the lock cast the animus on him. Melee attack is weak both pow and MAT.
From now, nor Tartarus nor Eyriss will stalk us (at least not with 14" of him) with a Cyclops Raider on the field.
Cost as Savage

Serious Business. A Killer. Animus is great (sprint), he packs flight and serpentine (surprise) and high SPD, now think about eMakeda, eMorghoul and Mordikaar, all of them grant FS inmunity. Add Rush, PGBH. A killer. With eMakeda can hit a target from 17" ignoring FS, boosted attacks, pow 17. eMorghoul gives it Grievous Wounds. Our little pterodactyl is a killer. Mordikaar pumps his defense to 17 plus poltergeist and with sprint he can be recolocated for next turn assessination run. It has critical pitch on attack also.
Its animus is really good and sinergies very good with beast, some warlocks (Makeda(s), Xerxis, Naaresh... mentioning someones, and Rhadeim... even AG.
Serious sinergy with Molik Karn.
Cost as Rhinodon.

Great. Simply great. He's a mix of Bronzeback and Sentry, get the best from both worlds: offensive power (high MAT (BB) and POW (BB+1)), some nice abilities (critical smite) and defensive power (arm 19+Shield, no KD, can be moved or placed outside his normal movement, shield guard). Animus is nice (bumper). Can be included into Xerxis theme force. No affinity or such. An angry skorne god.
3 initial attacks, def, fury,THR and life like Sentry. It weapons is a tetsubo!
Cost as Molik Karn.

Venators Slingers:

Low stats (venators def and arm -1) but cheap as our karax. Good against non-living models (3d6 damage on ranged), some nice abilities (put a 3" aoe causing corrosion on a direct hit and arcing fire). Range and pow is like Ancestral Guardians CMD. Can be useful with eHexeris due black spot, or adding some punch againt light jacks and construct. ShieldWalled/Defensive Lined units will fear them.

Siege Animantarax:
It seems a bit dissapointing at first sight, but you must consider it can be buffed in so many ways by our army.
SPD like a rhino, MAT like BB, RAT as venators, low def and ARM like a BB. It has 22 life. When damaged all his melee weapons gets stronger and can boost tail attacks with rage tokens... it collect the tokens suffering damage. Max tokens like AG. It's aggressive like BB. Can fire ranged into combat and/or outside of combat.
It has some serious punch in melee: 1xGladiator fist pow with reach, 2xkarax pow plus Seraph ranged weapon with POW+1 and Burst Fire, so it can put 2-4x13-15+1x16+2x10 attacks on melee. Tail and cannon have no location so can fire at will.
It's Hypperaggresive.
Can be buffed with: snipe (raider), sprint (archidon), bump (tiberion), Defender ward (hard BE), Carnage, Savagery, Road to War, Carnivore, Fury, Inviolable Resolve, Last Stand, Black Spot (somewhat indirect since it's a debuff).
Feats working on it: eMakeda, Xerxis, Zaal.
With Aggy up and ARM buff on it, it's the toughest BE and really can lead foward. It's our best anti-Stealth model paired with a extoller (3 shots average), just put him with eHexeris for Black Spot and you can do a lot of shooting.
Can be essence blasted for pow 19, LOL.
Cost as Cannoneer

Naaresh Tier:
Naaresh needs (in order) models in list, some nihilators that then get a lesser version of AD, more than 1 unit of Paingivers for some upkeep love, and 3 warbeasts that are faster than a titan (the only kind he can take) giving him the final level and a minor speed buff turn 1. Tier one does nothing of particular note. Models needed are those above and those where pain is a general fluff theme

Hexeris Tier:
Hexeris is similar to his older version but adds some undead to his list as well. His first bonus is extoller reliant and it also a beast to do it's special thing for free on the first turn, tier 2 requires the maximum amount of AGs for a free noncharacter of the same statue, tier 3 requires a couple of units for a larger set up area, and the final is helping out his bonded beast start up the field a bit further.


Gator Witch Doctor Solo:stat line is similar to a gatorman posse but its just slightly worse at melee attacking.
It costs the same amount as the snapper.
Its magic ability is the same as the Posse's mat.
He has 3 spells.
1. he can dominate undead
2. he has the same ability as pskarre that can sac a friendly model to auto damage an enemy
3. he can zombify (Rng 5 gives undead and tough for a round)
Finally this fine gentlemen can allow the forcing of beasts in his command, his command is one more than his magic ability.

Road Hog
It has Assault. Speed is the same as a gun boar. It's barely single digit point cost. Spray does the same damage as a hand cannon. Gore is one weaker than a War Hog's with the same crit. Claw is same POW as the Gore and can do power attacks. MAT/RAT as Brigands. FURY/THR/DEF/ARM and life spirals are all the same as a War Hog.
Stalker's animus. Can damage himself like War Hog but instead gains SPD and Pathfinder


Beasts: All currently released for BW Troops: Amphibous and/or undead Solo:WE+Sj, Undead and the New solo
t1:I'm sure you can figure this out : New solo gets reduced cost and increased FA
t2: 2 or more units :Gets the pacman Ghost symbol first turn
t3: 2 of the new solo : Undead Models get to move before the game starts
t4: 3 or more Boneswarms :Boneswarms start fed

Sturm and Drang:

Same limitations as all other Farrow theme forces.
Tier 1. If you choose Sturm to begin with. All upkeeps are in play and upkept for free turn 1. If you choose Drang, all beast gain +2 speed on turn 1.
Tier 2. Include Targ, get +1 to Starting Roll.
Tier 3. Include one or more units of Slaughterhousers. Gain advance move on them.
Tier 4. Include two or more Road hogs, Gain reduced price. Same as Arkadius reducement on War Hogs.
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