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I'm sure I will not be alone in reviewing everything that's awesomesauce in Hordes: Domination.  This is our first "real" book since Mk II for Hordes, and it's time for us to join the Warmachine players with our own Battle Engines!  Here's a spoiler though: ours are better.  Instead of focusing on particular models for Part 1 (of 7) of my DOMINATION! READ! NOW! articles, I will be focusing on some of the overall "vibes" I'm getting from this particular book.  We'll look at the particular factions, what new play-styles have emerged (there are lots!), and what you will likely be seeing across the table.  Some of our old warlocks now have some new tricks up their sleeves, and it's your job as a good general to know what kinds of things they'll be up to.  Let's dive right in!
The first thing I want to say is that this book is gorgeous.  I mean, it's laid out just like Wrath is, and the cover art is "meh" in my opinion, but the artwork for most of the new unit entries is simply beautiful.  I will admit that some of the old artwork looks a little goofy and cartoony, but in Domination, these guys look scary and mad!  I'm really impressed with the artists at Privateer Press!  Here are my favorites, in order of faction, and then piece of artwork in each faction:

Sturm and Drang don't look so goofy
He might have a silly name, but the Road
Hog will be a good addition for the good
Dr. Arkadius.
 My Favorite for Minions?
Okay so we've already seen it.  Still epic.

Circle of Orboros:
This artwork warms my Stonesoul

The Winter Argus looks pretty fierce for a light!
 My Favorite for Circle?
The Gallows Groves are soooo creepy...
Hexeris is suitably epic!  He will be feared
on the tabletop for sure.

It's good to see Skorne getting some ranged units with their own
unique twist.

 My Favorite for Skorne?
My favorite Skorne artwork.  Tiberion's rules...
O. M. G.  Just wait until I review him...
Legion of Everblight:
Epic Vayl is going to be VERY different from
her primal version.  A super spell-slinger to be

I can haz Cthulhu?  Seriously looks awesome.
 My favorite for Legion?

Sons of Bragg look pretty angry

The Storm Troll looks like Zeus
Rok looks like an angry Yeti.  Wait...
 My Favorite for Trolls?  Okay, actually it's my favorite in Domination!
By far my favorite piece of art in the
book!  I LOVE the smirk sported by
Grissel!  She looks ready to kick ass.

Like I said, I am VERY impressed with Domination and I think that there will be lots of discussions on what the best/OP models/units are.  I find that there is already lots of disagreement as to who got the best deal, but in this author's opinion, I think that everyone will be pleased in the end.  There will always be complaints, but I think that the best things to come out of this book are radically new playstyles for each faction - whether it be attrition for Circle, ranged for Skorne, spell-slinging for Legion, or movement-shenanigans for Trolls.

Here is a breakdown for you of what to expect in the next week from my DOMINATION! READ! NOW! series:

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Part 3: My 3 favorite warlocks 

Part 4: My 3 favorite new warbeasts in the book
Part 5: My 5 favorite units/UAs/solos
Part 6: The new character warbeasts
Part 7: Battle report with one of the new warlocks!
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