Friday, November 11, 2011

Plastic Warbeast Kits are here!...

...sorta.  It looks like Privateer Press finally unveiled their first of the plastic warbeast kits, and it's no surprise that it's the Legion heavies.  Anyone who has put the metal models together already knows that these kits were nearly the same anyway, so they were the easiest to transition to plastic (compared to the Troll and Circle beasts, who will need more drastic resculpts).  I am guessing that Skorne might be next, as the Gladiator, Sentry, and Cannoneer kits are already pretty similar as well.  We also get our character warbeast kit, compatible with the plastic kits: Proteus!  Looks like Privateer Press is really pushing the Cthulhu theme with Legion now...

We also get our first look at the new Skorne flying 'beast.  If you remember from our spoilers, it looks like Archidon is going to be very fast for Skorne, with an animus that grants Sprint.  This guy will be VERY useful in any lists with Molik Karn, of course, as sprint with him will be pretty nasty.  That said, however, if he's receiving Sprint, he's not getting Rush, so I guess it'll balance out a bit... right?

The models look pretty neat and dynamic!
We also get one of the small units from Wrath: the Kayazy Eliminators.  I still don't know what to make of this duo, as they seem like they don't really belong in a Khador force.  It will be curious to see this "unit" - which is really more like a pair of solos - on the table.  I see them being very useful for taking down opposing solos and officers rather well, but I don't know if many Khador players will even take them.

Pretty awesome models too, methinks
Lastly, but definitely not least, we have the Gallows Groves.  Also spoiled, I am REALLY excited for these "guys".  They look a lot like Wurmwood (Cassius' owner) and I think will completely change the playstyle of casters like Morvahna, both Kruegers, and Mohsar.  These solos come cheap as 1 point fillers, and I think that most Circle players will take them.  They project a 3" aura of Entropic Force - meaning that models lose Tough and cannot heal or be healed.  This is HUGE for Circle, a faction which typically has difficulty with Tough models.  This also means that we can disrupt enemy Hordes players by beating on a heavy, knocking out an aspect or two, and if we can't finish the job, the Gallows Groves can keep that 'beast crippled.  Oh yeah, and we can channel spells through them!!!  Ha!  Take that Legion!  Our 'arc nodes' cost the same as yours, and they don't die when we use them!  Suck it!
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