Saturday, November 05, 2011

Showcase: Two Player Box

I received the Two Player Box for a couple days now but I've been waiting until I got home to open it up and see what's inside.  I am not disappointed!  There is TONS of stuff in this box, and certainly well worth the $100 retail pricetag.  Even though other starter boxes or other games (like the Isle of Blood or Battle for Black Reach) have more models, Privateer Press made sure that this box provides everything you need to get into the whole hobby, and not just the game.  Anyway, instead of writing 15,000 words, I'll just give you 15 pictures (that's what they're worth, right?):

Some printed documents and the cards at the top right

Lots of models packed in there and they give you a mini-sized No Quarter magazine!

The Introduction Guide is unique to the Two Player box...
...and it introduces the world and the different factions
Assembly and painting tips are also in the Introduction Guide
They also include templates inside to cut out and use for your games
The Quick Start Rules are the same as the ones included in normal battleboxes
The Quick Start Rules
Also included are the cards for the other battleboxes... that you know what you could potentially face!
I was impressed that the mini-rulebook was full-color just like Prime Mk II

The mini No Quarter gives you the same flavor as the full magazine like tactics...

...a battle report between Khador and Cygnar...

...conversion ideas and tips...
... and a walkthrough for painting a model!

Just as I said at the beginning, I am impressed that the box set does a great job of introducing you to the whole hobby, and not just playing the game.  The No Quarter was a great touch, as the magazine is always packed full of great spoilers, hobby tips, tactical advice, and battle reports.  You might note that I have not really taken many pictures of the models.  That is because I will give a more detailed breakdown and review of the models in the future!

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