Friday, December 30, 2011

Templecon 2012 Scenario Table - Rules [Updated]

While the table is finally finished, there is one last thing that needs to be done with it before it's ready for Templecon: playtesting!  Any good scenario should be tested to make sure that any rules questions are resolved in advance so that players can focus on having fun instead of arguing or asking questions.  Today I will be transporting the table to the LGS where it will undergo some vigorous testing and I will sift through some questions and thoughts on the table.  While I know it looks great, I want it to be fun too!  Therefore, I have created a beta for the rules here that you may sift through them for any questions/comments!  The most up-to-date rules can be found here.

Players and Deployment:
Players will roll a D6 to determine who will be Player 1 and who will be Player 2.  The player who rolls highest will choose whether they would like to be Player 1 or Player 2.  Player 1 will take the first turn and has a 16" deployment zone, following the Steamroller rules for Radial Deployment.  Player 2 will choose their deployment zone, and has an 18" deployment zone, following the Steamroller rules for Radial Deployment.  Models with Advance Deployment may still deploy 6" forward from the normal deployment zone.  The deployment zone for Player 1 is the radial region at the bottom of the image below, the deployment zone for Player 2 is the region at the top of the image below.

Rules and Victory Conditions:
Player 1 will be tasked with digging up graves, while Player 2 will be tasked with protecting graves.  At the end of each round, starting on Player 2's second turn, the player with at least 20 victory points and at least 4 points more than their opponent, immediately wins the game.
A player may also win by killing the opponents warcaster/warlock.

When a grave marker is dug up, Player 1 will gain a victory point and can remove the appropriate grave marker from the table.  When a grave marker is protected, Player 2 will gain a victory point and can flip the appropriate grave marker to show that the grave is protected. 

Small/Medium-based warrior models and models with an Open Fist also gain:
Dig/Secure (* Action) - This model may dig up or protect an unprotected grave marker in B2B.  The controlling player gains 1 victory point for each grave marker dug up or protected this way.  A model that uses this action loses incorporeal for one round.

Table Details/Features:
  • Grave markers and protected grave markers are treated like flags that cannot take damage, be moved, placed, knocked down, and are incorporeal.
  • The Crypts on the table are structures that cannot take any damage.  Crypts are also considered Grave Markers whose base is determined by the walls of the building, but grant an extra 2 victory points when secured or protected (for a total of 3) and are not incorporeal models.  Players should not remove the Crypt structures when dug-up or protected
  • A model cannot be placed on top of a grave headstone, but headstones otherwise do not affect movement or grant any other benefits.
  • The tops of the two hills are forests and follow the normal rules for forest templates.  Other trees found on the table inhibit movement through them, but otherwise do not affect gameplay.  Trees may be temporarily removed for the placement of models.
  • The statues, crypts, and wall/fence surrounding the two deployment zones are considered structures that cannot take any damage.  Small-based models can move through the large central gate or the two smaller closed gates in the wall and fence on either side of the big central gate.  Medium and Large-based models can only move through the large central gate.  The rules for model placement around and through the walls are otherwise the same.  Models with Flight, Ghostly, or Incorporeal are free to move through the wall/fence as normal.  Huge-based models can move across the fence sections without penalty
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