Monday, December 05, 2011

Showcase: Gorax and More!

So I have a treat for everyone today!  I've been painting between playing Skyrim and work and finally have a model to show for it!  It feels like I've been painting more than I actually have, because much of my painting time has been focused on touching up my constructs.  They have seen repeated use in games for over a year so they needed some love to fix up those chips that they have seen over time.  While I will present to you a completed model, I will start by showing you the touched-up constructs.

While they are fundamentally the same paintjob, I made some adjustments.  Originally I wanted it to be quick and simple so I simply primed gray and then washed the rocks with GW's Leviathan Purple wash.  I slapped on some Bestial Brown on the twigs and ropes, painted the ropes Bleached Bone, then slapped on some Gryphonne Sepia over those.  Lastly, I used some watered-down Reaper Dead White into the cracks, and viola!  That was my scheme.  It was simple and easy.

Megalith got a fresh update
So to touch them up, I had to do something different because I couldn't just paint on the purple wash over the exposed metal.  Since the stone bits were mostly just worn on the edges, what I did was drybrushed everything with GW Dheneb Stone and then washed again.  I lost the white glowing bits from the runes, but that's fine.  I touched up the twigs and ropes too, and washed them again.  Then I painted some watered-down GW Space Wolf Grey into the cracks for the runes, and this time painted some Reaper Moon Silver into the cracks.
Although some detail was lost in the runes
between pantjobs, so it was harder to get
the white glow from the runes this time
without some flow issues
I picked up the Moon Silver on clearance at my LGS in CT, and I LOVE it!  It's mostly white, but if you look carefully, it also has a blue sheen to it.  I love it and it's perfect!  It also had the perfect consistency that I was looking for!
You can really see the sheen on the Woldwatcher

I'm really happy with the runes on him!

My favorite construct!  I LOVE this guy!
The stones have more texture after the drybrush
I'm really pleased with the glow on the runes!

Breakdancing Woldwarden!  Note the Moon Silver

So those are the touch-ups on the constructs.  Like I said, it feels like I've been painting more than I actually have, but I was essentially painting those guys twice without gaining any headway against my massive collection of Circle models that need painting.  One model that I was inspired to finish is the Gorax!

Gorax smash!
For a long time when I started Circle, I knew that I wanted a Gorax.  His animus is soooo good even with the drawback of a required Frenzy.  I often find that I throw it on a guy that I don't expect to come back anyway, but it allows me to wreck heavies or do some extra damage with a slam from a Gnarlhorn.
I included a rock on the back of his base
as homage to the old (ugly) model
Once the new model for the Gorax came out, I didn't care that it was a little more expensive (he's beefier), it's SO AWESOME that I couldn't help myself.  I decided to keep him like my other furries at this point, with white skin, purple hair, and the usual brown for wraps and ropes.  He blends in nicely.

The armored gauntlets were done like most of the armor that I've done so far (that isn't stone), by painting with GW Chainmail, washing with GW Badab Black, followed by a wash of GW Leviathan Purple.  It makes it dark but the subtlety of the purple allows it to blend in with the rest of the army without sticking out like the traditional Circle scheme.
I think I'm most pleased with how his
eyes turns out.

Looking forward, I have to adjust my painting a little bit, because I cannot find the same kind of primer that I've used for a majority of my models.  It's not a big deal because I didn't really like it anyway (Boards to Pieces Gray) because it always went on too glossy for what I wanted. 
My old primer.  Note it's a bit glossy
and obscures detail more than I'd like

So I decided to switch, but could never find an Army Painter Grey the same color that I wanted.  I love Army Painter primers, as they go on beautifully without much effort and preserve the detail well on models, without the pricetag of GW sprays.  So I decided to try Army Painter Wolf Grey, hoping that it would come out somewhat like Space Wolf Grey (which I use a lot for undercoats).

Not exactly Space Wolf Grey

So it came out a bit darker than I was hoping.  At least it was the same color as the "button" on the top of the cap.  Oh well.  It's not a big deal, as I will be covering most of the model with Space Wolf Grey anyway, but it will certainly mean my order of painting different parts will be different and it might be more difficult getting the warmer tones that I was able to achieve with ease before.  I will start with the Wilder and see how she turns out before I try more critical models like eBaldur.  Again, most of my models are already primed, it's just the more recent purchases that will succumb to the Army Painter Wolf Gray.

I will have my druids done soon, as I finally finished painting their UA so that I would have a coherent scheme for them.  I hope to get a lot of painting done this week for when I return to Boston for the conclusion of the Journeyman League!  I will post pictures as I get more painted!
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