Saturday, December 03, 2011

New toys!

Guess what arrived today???

That's right!  Some of the Trolls that I ordered from Miniature Market during their Black Friday sale arrived today!  I was actually intending to buy more, but I couldn't justify the savings with the cost of the order.  I will be watching earnestly for more sales, especially hoping for a sale on Runeshapers because those suckers aren't cheap - even with the Miniature Market discount.  Even at their prices, I'm looking at spending close to $200 for the 6 units that I want to field.

At any rate, I have already been pondering a color scheme and I'm thinking I want to go with a volcanic/basalt/obsidian look with my Trolls.  I was inspired by the latest No Quarter where they showed some pictures of lava-Wolds and I was VERY impressed!  I'm hoping that a similar look will go far on trolls, so I'm hoping to give them very dark blue skin (so they still look like Trolls) but with the runes in the rocks glowing like hot lava inside.  This is a long-term project and I probably won't get around to it until after Templecon, but it's a fun distraction for when I'm sick of painting my Circle.

Anyway, here's what I received today:


But wait a minute... something isn't right here...
Wait... what?

That's a little amusing.  It even came with the card for the UA too, but it didn't come with the little white slips that tell you who packaged it (lucky fool).  I'm okay with it, because I still only payed for a Runebearer, so I got a pretty good deal either way.

Look out tomorrow for some pictures of my Circle army so far!  I finished painting the Gorax last night and I will try to plow through some models today... but we'll see how far I actually get.

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