Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Homebrew: Nikolai, the Saint of Khador

I figured that you all might be starting to get of all of the showcases, so I figured I'd give you all a break before the last showcase.  So, in the true holiday spirit, I decided to once again make some homebrew rules for a character!  This time I present you with [what I think is] the Iron Kingdoms version of Jolly Ol' St. Nick!

Khador is the
merriest faction
Once again, don't get too bent-out-of-shape about the balance of the rules, as he has received zero playtesting, but I think he would be fun to put on the table.  Naturally, I decided to pay some homage to the original St. Nicholas as well as the traditional Santa Claus character.  I figured that since St. Nicholas is often more respected among the Orthodox Church, that he would naturally fit into the faction of Khador.  Also you'll see some reference to the traditional stories of St. Nick by granting units new shoes, blending into the traditional image of Santa.  Naturally he would be mounted on a sleigh (light cavalry) and I figured that pVayl's snow-wreathed rule would also belong on St. Nick, as well as the ability to make it snow (Blizzard) to get into the Christmas spirit.

I hope you enjoy him as much as I enjoyed making his rules!

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