Friday, December 09, 2011

Showcase: General Adept Nemo

So since I've been showing you what I've been painting lately, I figured that I would showcase today what little Cygnar models I actually have painted.  "You play a faction besides Circle!?" you may ask.  I know it might come to a great surprise to you, but I do in fact play other factions besides Circle.  One of my earlier alternatives to Circle was Cygnar, particularly eNemo and his tier list.  With Cygnar being the second book out after Mk II was official, some of the tier lists are a bit "meh" but eNemo's really stuck out for me for one reason: Stormsmiths!  I loved the idea of these guys and early-on I designed a Tier 4 list that I was going to build.  The only problem was that the model for Fireflies wasn't released for some time, so it took me some time to build up the steam (heh) to assemble the force.  Well here's what I have painted so far now:
My Cygnar force!  So far I have painted:
eNemo, 2 Fireflies, Stormclad, 2 min units of Stormguard,
3 Stormsmiths, and the Storm Tower
I will showcase more of these models in the next couple of days, but today I want to show you my work on the man himself, General Adept Nemo!

I am very proud of my work on Nemo.  I decided not to cut any corners on him and decided to put forth a full effort.  His model is suitably epic and his armor is packed with lots of armor plates and little details.  This guy was not easy to paint at all.

I am very proud with how he ended up
 I decided to stick with the typical Cygnar scheme, but I wanted to emphasize the white more than any yellow.  I also really love the copper for conducting electricity (science nerd) so I figured I'd have those as my primary colors.  This guy required a lot of patience and a steady hand, let me tell you. 
 The model has a mix of metal plates, cabling, and cloth, so I had to be careful of how I wanted to paint them and I needed to decide early on what was going to be different with my limited palate.  I'm still trying to optimize my lighting when I'm taking photos of my models, so I apologize that you can't really see the details too well.  Needless to say, I think he looks better in person.
I decided to have "robes" look more denim to keep them blue, but to differentiate them from the armor plates which I wanted to look nice and regal.  Just because he's a warcaster doesn't mean he won't keep his armor clean!
I wanted to spend a lot of time on his head, in particular.  His head has lots of character with a great facial expression, his epic moustache, goggles on his forehead, and his wind-swept hair.  I can kinda see my dad pulling off this look pretty well if he had a moustache.  I also spend a lot of time on his eyes, as I usually hate the way most people paint their eyes.  I think his came out pretty good, looking down his staff to shoot some electricity.

I'm really pleased with how General Nemo came out and I wish I had more time to play with him on the table, but I'm so focused on my Circle now for Templecon.  Check back here in the coming days as I showcase my Cygnar warjacks, the Stormguard, and my Stormsmiths (my favorites!)
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