Saturday, December 10, 2011

Showcase: Cygnar Warjacks

I continue to show off my Cygnar today by showing you all what my painted Cygnar warjacks look like!  So far I only have a Stormclad and two Fireflies done, with Thunderhead basecoated and a bunch of other warjacks waiting for my attention.  Despite having only these few models completed, I have a large collection of Cygnar, and I haven't even played with half of them!  They are definitely my "collection" faction so far, while I play most of my games with Circle.  Anyway, let's take a look at them, shall we?

First we'll start with the Stormclad.  You'll notice that he doesn't have the typical banner on his back.  I hate banners.  I think they're dumb and don't make sense on any self-respecting battlefield.  To be honest, that's one of the things I hate the most about Space Marines.  I understand it's a "Roman Legionnaire" aesthetic, but it looks dumb to me.  Anyway, while I painted it for my Stormclad, it broke off, and it was a good excuse to leave it off.
I decided to go for a battle-worn look on my 'jacks
To contrast with the clean armor of my Cygnarian infantry, I decided to make my 'jacks look like they take the brunt of the damage in battle (makes sense, right?).  I achieved this effect really simply by taking the spongy foam from the blisters, dipping it into some black paint, sponging off the excess, and then lightly sponging in the most worn spots.  I later did it again with some metal paint over the black, for the really worn spots.
I am most proud of the sword, though
I like the Stormclad and thought it was good for eNemo, but I've since learned it's too expensive for my 35 point list.  I used to run with 3 Fireflies and the Stormclad, but I have since decided to drop one Firefly (hence only two being painted) and the Stormclad for a Hammersmith and an Ironclad.  I haven't played much with the new list, but it has been pretty successful so far.
Firefly A
I love the Firefly models but since they were one of the earlier plastics (aside from the battle boxes), the mold lines are pretty annoying to get rid of and the plastic was bent when I received the model.  However, using a hot-salt technique, I was able to get everything to bend the way it should with ease.
I love the blaster!
Aside from the material, these guys are great models.  I think they really showcase the advanced technology of Cygnar and even though they might seem mediocre with their individual weapons and rules, these guys are amazing with Stormsmiths, and totally worth it with eNemo.
The electro-glaive is fun but not very powerful
Fireflies are pretty good because of their cool guns (POW 10 with electro-leap) and reach can be helpful, but what I really love them for is triangulation with stormsmiths!
Firefly B looks more dynamic, methinks
 With these guys you can pull some interesting shenanigans with your stormsmiths because they count as triangulation targets.  This means that one stormsmith could triangulate, you could move a firefly, and another stormsmith can triangulate some new targets.  The overlapping fields of lightning can be super effective against infantry and 'jacks alike.
 Needless to say, these guys were some of my first models to paint for Cygnar and they were key for my epic Nemo tier list - one of my favorite Cygnar tier lists.  Maybe after Templecon I will have some more time to paint up my Cygnar, especially with a new Warmachine book coming next year!

 I hope you like the new layout, too!  Now that I actually have content, I figured a new layout would be a welcome change.  You can also now find some links at the top of the page.  You can find shortcuts to some of my other posts up there, and look for more to be added in the future!
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