Wednesday, December 07, 2011

New Poll: Favorite Faction?

The previous poll expired at the end of November, so let's see what your favorite gaming articles are!
What kind of gaming articles do you like to read?

  3 (18%)
  10 (62%)
  8 (50%)
  7 (43%)
Army Showcase
  8 (50%)
  3 (18%)
  2 (12%)

So the last poll expired and I see that most of you like reading articles about advice on List Building.  Interesting!  Well I will remind you that on the left side of the page I have some links under a section called the Learning Center, with my two recent articles on building lists for tournaments.  Feel free to check them out.
Generally I'm intrigued that most of you were not impressed by Editorials, Rumors, or Rants.  Turns out you don't like to hear opinions on various issues.  What it looks like people like to read most is practical stuff, list building, painting, looking other models, or getting hobby tips.  I respect that!  Early on, I think I had a lot on my mind, so my blog turned into a bit of a soapbox for a while.  I can assure you, that won't happen too often, so don't you fret!

So here's a new poll for us through the end of December into the new year:
What is your favorite Warmachine/Hordes faction?
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