Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Showcase: Druids of Orboros

 My druids have been sitting in my case, half painted, for about 5 months.  This last summer I was bascially a hobo for a month while I was between my last boarding school and my new one.  I spent part of that time with my buddy in Savannah, GA and we spent some time painting towards the end of my trip.  One unit that I've been meaning to paint for some time are my Druids, especially since I use them practically every game.  Anyway, for some time they were just sitting with a Badab Black wash over them with some white highlights on their capes, and I figured it was time to finish the job.  You will also notice my purple vortex templates, which I made using my cheap and easy template technique.

I wanted them to be dark-skinned with magical glowing eyes

 While I know that I'm not the best painter, I am pretty pleased with how these guys came out.  I've always stressed a maximized appearance for a minimized amount of time, and these guys are no exception.  Could they look better?  Absolutely!  Do I want to spend more time on them?  Absolutely not.  I hate painting infantry, and this was only 6 dudes (7 including the UA).  This is why I didn't get much painting done for 40k.
I think that they have a lot of character
I really like how this guy turned out!  It really looks like he's
summoning that votex beneath him

 The wooden handles on their voulges still bother me a bit, so I will probably go back with a quick drybrush or something.  I don't want to spend too much more time on them, however, as I sometimes will ruin the model if I do too much with it.
Here you can really see that I need to drybrush the voulge
again.  While it looks better IRL, I will still fix it methinks.
 I've decided that between my dark-skinned Cygnar and now these druids,  I really like painting models with dark-skin.  I naturally really like painting white on my models and the dark skin provides for a really neat contrast for my typical color schemes.  Besides, I think that it's an underrepresented skin tone.
I think the dark skin looks good
 When I went back to finish these guys off, I decided that I did not like the black wash in the cracks of their capes.  It was too dark and didn't fit the rest of the colors I was using.  So I went back and painted GW Space Wolf Grey into the cracks, over the black.  Naturally, this meant highlighting with GW Skull White again, but that was okay considering the first time it came out a bit streaky and needed another highlight anyway.  I like the end result much better.

So... many... capes...
 The overseer took a lot of work and I must admit I'm not terribly proud of him.  I think I needed to differentiate him more, but couldn't figure out how.  He has so many little details on him and it was a bit obnoxious.  I was a little proud of the antlers on the back, as I stippled them with some GW Snakebike Leather to make them look "fuzzy" but the wash I applied over them killed it.  I was too demoralized to fix it.  Maybe later.
The overseer is ridiculously detailed and smaller scale than
the druids, I realized.
For now, I can proudly say that I can field a fully-painted 50-point pBaldur list!  If I can paint up Lord of the Feast and eBaldur, then I will have a 50-point eBaldur list to go with it!  Huzzah!  Templecon, here I come!

What's left for me to do:
2 Feral Warpwolves (ugh)
2 Warpwolf Stalkers
1 Gnarlhorn Satyr (need to reprime since I got him second-hand)
4 Arguses (Ha!)
Morraig (too much detail...)
eKaya + Laris (basecoated)
Mohsar (bascoated)
pKrueger (needs to be primed)
eBaldur (ditto)
...and more that I don't want to think about anymore.

Maybe I'll paint Krueger next...
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