Friday, May 04, 2012

New Poll: NETT Lists

So unlike our Warmachine Poll on the most anticipated Colossal, the fans have quite the different expecations of the Hordes Gargantuans!  Before we take a look at the poll results, let's take a look at the new poll, which is admittedly a bit more personal.  With the New England Team Tournament coming in July, I'm not quite sure which warlocks I should play for the event:

Which Circle Orboros Warlocks should I use in the New England Team Tournament?

I've written about it before and I've had some ideas about who I should bring, but I'm curious what you all think.  At the end of the month I'll take a look at the top three favorite warlocks that you think I should bring and I'll build some lists as best as I can.  Now let's take a look at the results from the last poll...

Which Hordes Colossal (Gargantuan?) are you most excited about?

Trollbloods - 17 (22%)
Circle Orboros - 25 (32%)
Skorne - 13 (16%)
Legion of Everblight - 17 (22%)
Minions (if applicable) - 5 (6%)
Total votes: 77 (98%)

I found this rather interesting.  While the sample size, as always, is a bit smaller than I'd like, I like to use this exercise to assume that it's indicative of the larger population anyway for analysis.  What's curious about the results of the poll is that while the only Gargantuan actually revealed has been the Troll Mountain King, the Circle Orboros Gargantuan is the one that people are most excited about.  I guess this should make sense, since as a Circle player myself, I'm eagerly hoping that our Gargantuan ends up being the fabled Woldwrath that we thought we were getting as a battle engine!  Otherwise, the rest of the Gargantuans seem to have equal levels of anticipation among their fans, except for the poor, lowly Minions who may or may not even get a Gargantuan.

I'm actually a little surprised that more people aren't interested to see what Skorne will be getting, although they are probably expected just a massive titan (which would be pretty awesome).  It's also surprising that more people aren't eagerly anticipating the sight of the Legion of Everblight Gargantuan, since it has to be smaller than a dragon, but bigger than any of their other beasts.

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