Friday, February 03, 2012

Templecon 2012 Privateer Press spoilers

Videos and information are now up on Privateer Press:
War Room App:

War room app coming to not only build lists but track damage, status, and look up relevant rules.  Initial app is free with starter box cards info free.  Need to purchase faction card deck for $6.99 includes future releases for faction and updates.  App includes seasonal cards!
Iron kingdoms rpg looking good, good info.  Taking a realistic approach and not really required to play a warcaster.  The other characters will be able to "do some really cool shit".

Infernal contraption coming back!

New bodgers game called Heap sounds fun

Colossals are coming!  Two damage grids (only one cortex), Colossals confirmed for all main warmachine factions (including mercs!  Not contract specific).  All models released before colossals (slight domination overlap).  18-20 points per colossal.  Fa: 2.  Troll spoiler for colossal equivalent.  Minions a "surprise".  New power attacks: psuedo-thresher, slam without moving.  Throws and slams move models extra 2".  No price determined yet.  "Not insane price".  Benefit from battlegroup effects.  Conquest (Khador), Hyperion (Retribution), Stormwall (Cygnar), Judicator (Menoth), Kraken (Cryx), Galleon (Mercs).  First Colossals available as pre-release at lock-n-load this year.  Only legendary warcasters and Colossals (for new stuff, will probably still have other stuff too).

Kreoss going double epic in a horse!

Minions and merc battle engines a possibility?  "Hell yes".  New rhulic warcaster mossimo (sp?).

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