Thursday, February 09, 2012

Scenario Table, Templecon video, and Trolls!

I'm still recovering a bit from Templecon so I haven't had enough material to cobble together a coherent article yet (even the one yesterday took me some time to put together), so today I will share a mish-mash of information for you all.  I'm still riding the wave of fun from the weekend and have been more highly motivated than usual to both get some teaching work done as well as continuing to get some hobby stuff done.  That said, today I will share with you what's been up lately and what to expect in the future!

First, I would like to thank everyone who had the opportunity to play on the Hallowed Ground scenario table at Templecon.  Despite some poor playtesting at my "home" store, we were able to make some last-minute changes to the scenario (can be found here) and I think everyone who played on the table had fun - and that's what really matters.  The table was a real hit and my girlfriend and I are very proud to see our hard work and passion end up being appreciated.  Thanks again everyone!  The table is currently being stored at the Whiz Store in Westborough MA so feel free to ask the store owner if it's possible to break the table out for a fun game!

Also, this is a great video that was also posted up on LostHemisphere, recorded by someone at Templecon.  Not only is it well-assembled and cool, but all of my friends are in it as well as Hallowed Ground!  Take a looksie and pay attention around the 4:45 minute mark, as I'm playing in the background on the left, and I'm again playing next to them in the last minute or so, but you can only see my arm ;-)

Lastly, now that Templecon is over, I think I need to get my head out of the Circle gutter and start working on my other armies and projects, and boy are there lots of them!  One of my purchases from Templecon was the rules for Dark Age and I've begun reading up on them since I found the demo game to be so interesting.  If anyone has played it, I'd love some feedback as I'm not sure if I want to jump on that ship yet.

I spent much of my free time yesterday assembling and priming the Trollbloods force that I am steadily growing.  So far I only have a full Krielstone unit (+UA), Janissa Stonetide, pDoomie, Runebearer, Swamp Troll, and the Battlebox (2 Impalers and an Axer).  Of course my timing was stellar in purchasing the old metal Trollbloods starter box at Templecon from the War Store.  Yesterday, if you're not aware, they announced the imminent arrival of the Hordes starter boxes in plastic.
I have to facepalm fairly often...
I'm not bitter... I'll just have to pick up one of those too, along with the Circle one... and maybe the Legion one (because you can never have too many shredders).  I'll also likely pawn off my metal pMadrak model to a buddy in a blatant attempt at getting him into the game.  Maybe with the addition of the Circle box I can run a list with 6 arguses for the lulz.
Now the alternate sculpts make sense!

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