Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Project Pressganger: Madrak Painted

I'm in the middle of tech week so not much of an update for today, but I do have Madrak painted from my Trollbloods warpack that I picked up at Templecon.  I've decided that I'm going for a volcanic look with my trolls and that means obsidian and orange-yellow glowing runes.  I really like how Madrak turned out and I'm satisfied with my paint scheme so that means I'm clear for continuing it with the rest of the models.  I'll probably stick with a darker skin in the future (which is okay for Madrak to be a lighter-skinned).

The pictures don't show him off very well, but anything that's black (remember - obsidian) is actually gloss-coated so that in-person there's some interesting texture on the model itself.  The basing is just sand that I painted gray (I was going for an ashy look but I think I need weathering powders...) and the rocks were painted black then glossed over to look obsidian.  I think it'll differentiate the army a bit and I'm pretty excited for Mulg and the Runeshapers since rocks feature so prominently in those models!
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