Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Road to Templecon 2012 - Standard Issue Tournament

Lately I've been really busy with work (hooray real world) and so I haven't devoted as much time as I should to coming up with effective lists for Templecon.  While I've already discussed my team tournament lists here, I'm faced with a different challenge when it comes to the Standard Issue tournament which takes place Saturday afternoon into the evening.  While I have no allusions of being a a top tournament player, I want to try my best and my goal is to at least make it into the top 25%.  While I had some success over the summer at the NETT, I need to focus my lists more than I did for this tournament.

Here are the rules for the Standard Issue tournament from the Templecon website:
Qualifier – 64 players max
  • 50 point Steam Roller 2012 tournament.
  • Appendix Rules: 4 Round Event, Death Clock.
  • 1:00pm – Registration begins.
  • 1:45pm – Standby players are accepted.
  • 2:00pm – Registration closes, matchups are created.
  • 2:10pm – Matchups are posted; players must find their tables and begin deployment for Round 1.
  • 2:30pm – Deployment complete, Round 1 begins
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes.
  • Standard Issue Award: Drawing at the end of each round for all players with no FA:C models/units in their lists (excluding WC/WL).
  • Best Painted Battler Award: Best painted Battle Engine or Battlegroup (consisting of 4 models minimum) selected by judge.
Qualification: Top 4 players will qualify for the TempleConWARMACHINE/HORDES Masters on Sunday.

I don't expect to qualify for the Masters tournament, but I do want to see what I can do.  I am assuming that since they don't provide any information on lists that it will be the Baseline rules from SR2012 - meaning that the 2nd list is optional.  Since other events (like Hardcore) specify "1 list required" or "2 lists required", I think I'm safe in assuming that I will have an optional second list.  In that case, I'm strongly considering my pair from the Team Tournament (especially since I will have had lots of practice with them by the time the Standard Issue tournament comes around!).

What if it's only 1 list?  That's where the challenge comes in.  Well I also want to look at lists that I can run that also don't have any models with FA: C so that I can at least have a chance at a random prize drawing.  What other lists could I run (i.e. that I have the models for) that I should also consider? 

At least this list is painted... mostly!
A) eNemo Tier 4
General Adept Nemo (+6)
- Firefly (5)
- Firefly (5)
- Hammersmith (8)
- Ironclad (7)
- Centurion (9)
Stormguard (full, 9)

Stormguard (full, 9)
Storm Tower (free!)
Stormsmith Stormcaller (1)
Stormsmith Stormcaller (1)
Stormsmith Stormcaller (1)
Stormsmith Stormcaller (1)

This seriously in the runnings as a nice all-comers list.  While I can deal with Warmachine really well with disruption everywhere, I have some tough warjacks that can do some serious harm to more lightly-armored warbeasts.  However, with the recent release of Domination, I suspsect that I will be seeing lots of Hordes players in the Templecon meta, so perhaps this isn't the best options.  While most Hordes infantry typically have higher DEF values and Stormsmiths can help with that, I'd be wasting a lot of my potential against Hordes.  For this exercise I'm thinking of 1 list only, but I would need to look for a 2nd list that'd be good at dealing with Hordes.  At least this list is mostly painted and I could possibly be in the running for best-painted battlegroup if I wanted to put the effort into finishing the Hammersmith, Ironclad, and Stormclad... okay maybe not.

I still think her head is disproprotionately large.
B) pVayl Tier 4
Vayl, Disciple of Everblight (+6)
- Shredder (2)
- Angelius (9)
- Angelius (9)
- Scythean (9)
- Seraph (8)
Hex Hunters (full, 8)
Hex Hunters (full, 8)
- Bayal (free!)
Spawning Vessel (full, 3)

pVayl is a nice solid choice.  She has lots of tools available to her, I have a couple models painted for her already and since I basically use my old Tyranid color scheme, I could theoretically get my warbeasts all painted up to hopefully win that category (as most people love my Tyranid color scheme already).  I would not be able to get all of the hex hunters done, but I could certainly get the 3 colors on them for my own satisfaction.  The problem?  I think a lot of people will be ready for Legion as they made a strong appearance last year and are one of the most popular Hordes factions out there.  They're solid - don't get me wrong - I just worry that everyone will see pVayl and roll their eyes.  I'd also run into a problem if I did need a second list, as pVayl is heavily kitted out for dealing with Hordes and I'd need someone better suited to Warmachine.  Also, I would need to likely buy more models if I ran a second list, and I'd prefer not to spend yet more $$$.

I really just want to make "Great Rack"
jokes all night.
C) Pirate Queen Skarre Tier 4 (No Quarter 37)
Pirate Queen Skarre (+6)
- Stalker (4)
- Stalker (4)
- Scavenger (4)
- Reaper (7)
- Freebooter (6)
- Skarlock Thrall (2)
Black Bane's Ghost Raiders (full, 9)
Press Gangers (full, 5*)
Press Gangers (full, 5*)
Sea Dog Crew (full, 7*)
- Mr. Walls (2)
Sea Dog Cannon Crew (1*)

This is a fun theme list that I have built and I have actually never had the opportunity to try.  I already told a buddy that I'll be bringing the pirates with me, so I'll be able to give it a whirl prior to the Standard Issue tournament anyway (hooray last-minute playtesting!).  The only thing that I need to buy is a Skarlock Thrall, but if I need to, I can always borrow it from one of my Cryx friends.  I think this list will be lulzy because of the obscene amount of infantry on the board for claiming objectives and also for sacrificing their blood to make Skarre awesome.  I still have two heavy 'jacks in the list, and with dual flanking stalkers, I can keep my opponent honest, waiting for my epic feat turn.  Downside?  I have 0 other Cryx models so I would be stuck running only this list.  Also, none of it is painted.

What do you think?  Circle Team lists or lists A, B, or C?
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