Monday, January 30, 2012

Road to Templecon 2012: Display Board

One of the project that has been lurking in the back of my apartment is putting together a tournament Display Board for my Circle army.  I gathered the materials for this project way back in October, but at various points since then I have either been distracted by other things (DAMN YOU SKYRIM!) or I was missing something that I needed to get to the next step.  Well I have good news for you all: I have finished my display board!

I must admit, I did not take work in progress photos of the project because I felt that it was so simple and straight-forward that I did not need to bother you all with the various steps (although you can see it primed white in my Cygnar showcase pictures).  Instead, I will show you some finished photos and then you can judge for yourself how easy it is to do on your own!

It's the perfect size for the amount of Warmachine/Hordes models that I would use in a tournament, and while you might think they'd slide around, they're heavy enough that they surprisingly don't move much.  This will allow me to bring my army with me to each table and focus more on the game and spend less time moving the models in and out of my army case.
Pictured: 50 points, two lists, fitting comfortably!

Some companies out there have their own display boards that you can purchase and put together, but I was able to put together this sucker for cheap.  The secret?  Bulletin board.  That's right, I went to Wal-mart following the "Back-to-school Binge" and got a bulletin board for less than $5.  I then picked up a thick sheet of floral styrofoam, cut it up with a knife, slapped it on with some spray adhesive (that I had left-over from making my easy-to-make templates), covered it all with joint compound, lathered on some glue, sand, paint, and flocking, and viola!
In case you don't believe me, here's the back of my display
board.  It's just a bulletin board!

It sounds like a lot of work, but the steps that took the longest (sand, flocking, paint) would take just as long if I had spent way more money on other products.  No offense intended to those companies - I just found something I could make for less.

What do you think?
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