Friday, January 06, 2012

New Poll: Templecon Masters

Before I introduce our new poll, let's look at the results of the last poll which asked: Which Warmachine/Hordes Faction is your Favorite?  The results were a bit surprising to me, to be honest, let's take a look: 

Warmachine – Cygnar   7 (8%)
Warmachine – Khador   21 (25%)
Warmachine – Cryx   8 (9%)
Warmachine – Menoth   12 (14%)
Warmachine – Mercenaries   8 (9%)
Warmachine – Retribution   10 (12%)
Warmachine  66 (50.4%)

Hordes – Trollbloods   17 (20%)
Hordes – Circle   17 (20%)
Hordes – Skorne   7 (8%)
Hordes – Legion   15 (18%)
Hordes – Minions   9 (10%)
Hordes 65 (49.6%)

While the sample size of this blog isn't representative of the population as a whole (only 131 votes), it's certainly interesting to look at.  First, I was struck by the near-perfect split between the popularity of the Warmachine vs. Hordes split in the game.  In some other game systems, individual factions dominate the popularity of the game, but in my sample at least, there's a great balance between Warmachine and Hordes factions.  That said, it's not surprising that the top 4 would be Khador, Circle, Trollbloods, and Legion, as they have been main topics of discussion on my blog during the last couple of months that the poll was running.  This also includes two homebrew character rules for Khador and Legion, while I continuously discuss Circle and my desire to start Trollbloods.  Is this representative of the meta?  Probably not, but it's interesting to see who my audience is, and now I wonder if shifting topics of discussion would shift this poll in different directions.

Our new poll is similar, but with a competitive edge: Which Warmachine/Hordes Faction do you think will win the Templecon 2012 Masters?  This poll will close noon of the day of the Master's tournament itself and you can bet that I will be on-scene to observe this epic event!  Cast your vote now, and we'll see the results on Monday, February 6th!
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