Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 I told you it'd be coming!  It's been a busy week but I finally got the Woldwrath assembled!  It actually didn't take that long to assemble and was probably a bit easier than the Stormwall, but it took a while for me because I've been busy working on wedding stuff with the fiancee, in between planning out Cygnar lists.  At any rate, he's here now!  The only problem is that his right-thumb is missing (it's in my fiancee's car - long story) so I can't begin the priming/painting process yet like I had wanted to.  Oh well, I can still get him primed tonight and maybe get him basecoated in time to show him off at the Battle Standard tomorrow... we'll see.

Oh and since he's a pre-release, I got the fancy card for him to show off!

Thanks to PG Swonkob for getting the model for me when he was at GenCon!  Best. Press Ganger. Ever.

So here's a list that I really want to try out with the Woldwrath, as soon as I get the models needed:
Cassius (+6)
- Woldwrath (20)
- Gnarlhorn (8)
- Woldwatcher (5)
Druids (7)
Ravagers (min, 6)
- Chieftain (2)
Wolves of Orboros (min, 4)
Blackclad (2)
Gallows Grove (1)
Gallows Grove (1)

I need to pick up some Ravagers and Cassius but I recently sold some models and so I plan on using that money to get the models I'd need to run this.  I think it could be quite fun and interesting - especially popping feat then knocking models down with the Woldwrath for a free point of damage!  That'll clear out infantry swarms rather well, methinks.  Also, while people have been sad about Spell Ward on the Woldwrath, I want to point out that it can still benefit from animi, so Bounding and Hunter's Mark can stack to give the Gargantuan construct a 14" threat range.  The Stone Ape is gonna get ya!
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