Thursday, August 23, 2012

Showcase: Black 13th, Reinholdt, Pendrake

So I've been pretty busy painting the past couple of days because I want to have at least one fully-painted list for the tournament on Sunday.  The challenge, of course, is that I still haven't decided on what I want to take for my reinforcements and so until I decide what I want to bring along, I might as well get the other elements of my list painted up until I finalize my decision.  Today I'll share some photos of what I've accomplished so far.

 Everyone always makes fun of the fact that the Black 13th models are smaller than most other Warmachine/Hordes models but really I think they look fine.  The details were incredibly small though and these guys were certainly a challenge to paint mostly due to the small scale.
 I'm particularly proud of how the eyes turned out on Ryan!
 The eyes on Lynch came out pretty good too!
 Watts is pretty boring.  I don't like him as much as the others.

 Reinholdt was pretty easy and I basically just used the same painting approach that I take with my Orks.  He's a surprisingly easy model to paint.
 His bag came out wonderful and I'm not sure how I managed it.

I'm probably most proud of how Viktor turned out.  His eyes came out looking awesome and I just love his "Come at me bro!" pose.
Pendrake has this awesome blend of armor and cloth that makes him fun to to paint and gives him some excellent texture.  I'm most proud of this model as the tunic, sword, and armor all came out just as I hoped!
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