Monday, August 27, 2012

I still need a good Cygnar tournament list - Part 1

Okay so, as expected, yesterday's performance with pHaley was not so great.  Not so surprising, I guess, considering we have the "Andy Rule" on the Regular team after our first NETT appearance where Andy played eThagarosh for the first time and got rolled.  I posted some general results on the Steam-Powered Gamer facebook page.  I wasn't taking this tournament too seriously anyway, so it's not the end of the world that I broke the rule.  Well, it just goes to show that it's a good rule.  I still went 2-2 and my Sloan list continues to make me happy, so now I just need to find a replacement list based on some information I did gather from my 2 games with Haley but also couched with my experiences with pKrueger against Warmachine.

One of the most significant discoveries I have made is that high-DEF low-ARM infantry models are not very popular in the meta anymore.  With so much electricity being thrown out there these days from Cygnar and Circle, and with the growing popularity of AOEs, having an ARM less than 16 is a huge liability.  Even Legion can field infantry now that can get high ARM since Iron Zeal is becoming a popular mini-feat.  Menoth is a similarly rough match because most of their infantry is ARM 15+ and Knights Exemplar are super annoying since I can only kill a bunch before they become super awesome and kill off my stuff.  Lightning and electro-leaps are no longer viable solutions to killing off infantry when so much out there is sporting ARM 16+ and/or has damage boxes - let alone if they're immune to electricity (as was the case with my last game against another Cygnar player).  Therefore, I need a solution to dealing with these highly-armored infantry and I also need a way to deal with warjacks, although I rarely see more than 2 on the table these days, and if I see lots of them, Sloan will probably be a better match-up anyway.

Last night in an impulsive move, I bought some models that I've wanted for some time and started to build this list that I've touted before:
pNemo (+6)
- Lancer (6)
- Centurion (9)
- Squire (2)

Aiyanna & Holt (4)
Ragman (2)
Sword Knights (full, 6)
- Officer and Standard (2)
Archduke Runewood (3)
pAlexia & Risen (5)
Rhupert (2)

I like to think that I'm always eager to try the underdog warcasters and I think pNemo is probably the underdog of the underdogs.  That said, I think this list goes a long way to helping him out.  Notice that there are 3 spellcasters in the list (Aiyanna, Ragman, and Alexia) so you'll almost always generate 3 power tokens to keep Nemo at a nearly consistent 10 focus points (or 11 with Squire!) and being able to throw 5 of those onto the Centurion means that heavies are hardly a problem.  Ragman and Aiyanna & Holt will also mean that high ARM is less of an issue.  Since I'll still likely be relying on Chain Lightning and Electro-leaps to clear out some infantry, dropping them down 2 or even 4 ARM can make all of the difference in the world.  This also means that I could deal with the fabled dual-Colossal lists that are out there.  I could potentially kill 2 Conquests in one turn if I stack Death Field, Kiss of Lyliss, Disruption Field on the Centurion with 5 focus, and the Sword Knights charging in with Flank.  Indeed, I have the tools to deal with even ridiculous ARM 24+!

This list also has a good amount of cheap infantry models to tie up stuff and Alexia with the Risen will leave me with almost Cryxian levels of obnoxiousness against most infantry hordes.  Rhupert will be around to give Risen Tough for the lulz and it also will be helpful if Alexia needs to transfer damage to the risen.  Sure, risen suck, but again with Death Field and Kiss of Lyliss they can suddenly hit at an effective P+S 11 - not bad considering they do little more than just take up space on the battlefield otherwise.  While the Sword Knights certainly will be able to deal some damage on their own, it'll help to also have them at least recycled into bodies for Alexia if they die and she is quite capable of doing some damage by herself when she has risen to use for boosting and buying attacks.
Like undead models but don't want to play Cryx?  Try Alexia today!

Lastly, even if I do come across a horde of warjacks (which is extremely rare anyway), my opponent will be in for a surprise when I hit them all with my feat.  Okay, so it's only POW 14, but - that's right - with Death Field and Kiss of Lyliss, those warjacks will actually get hit pretty hard, and with Nemo having 10 focus, he won't feel guilty about boosting those damage rolls either.  Oh, and since this also Disrupts enemy warjacks too, not only do Cryx warjacks get hit hard against their typically lower ARM, but they also won't have access to their arc nodes for a turn.  Nice.

Overall, I really like this list and I think it could be fun.  There's another list I'm considering, however, and I'll share that list tomorrow.
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