Thursday, August 02, 2012

New Poll: Points

It's a new month and that means it's time for a new poll!  Our last poll looked at the perception around Colossals.  With the arrival of the Stormwall the entire meta changed almost overnight and the model has seen a surge in usage in all kinds of competitive events.  The interesting thing, however, is that even with the infamous eHaley + double Stormwall list, we're not really seeing the Stormwall winning major events.  Does it make an impact?  Absolutely.  Does it make a player automatically top-tier?  Absolutely not.  I think this is a great thing and Privateer Press should be recognized for making a model that seems OMG BROKEN!!11! on paper but is not a "win button" when actually played on the table.  I think our last poll reflected the same attitude amongst players and I'll analyze the results more in-depth after I introduce the new poll.

The poll for this month is a little less controversial than some of the past polls:
What size games do you typically play?
10-15 points
25 points
35 points
35-50 points
50 points

75+ points

Note that I included the 35-50 point range because I believe that there are some differently-sized games common in Germany between the 35 and 50 point ranges.

I'm curious to see how popular certain levels are in various metas because I think there can be some model/faction choices that change depending on the size game (I think Gargantuans will be way more viable at 50+ points).  Now let's look at the results from the previous poll.

How do you react to seeing a Colossal on the table? 
"Needs to be banned." - 3 (4%)
"I'll wreck it." - 39 (50%)
"I'll ignore it." - 7 (9%)
"Meh." - 20 (26%)
"I'm scared!" - 9 (11%)

Total: 78 (100%)

I'm not surprised at these results at all and I think they're fairly representative of the community.  In fact, now that the Stormwall has been on the table for well over a month, I'd be interested to see if these numbers have shifted more towards the "wreck it" or "meh" categories.  I do find it interesting that fewer than 10% think that you can simply ignore a Colossal - very different from the reactions I saw from Battle Engines.  Perhaps soon we'll have a poll on the reaction to battle engines now that some have been out for over a year.

I think we can see that a mere 15% of the participants in the poll react negatively to Colossals and I'll be interested to see if even such a small percentage of the population will change their minds by next year.
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