Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Troll Colossal: Mountain King

While this has been out for a few days now, I'm surprised at the number of people who have not noticed this.  Privateer Press has been making inroads into all kinds of major gaming events and Adepticon (traditionally 40k focused) has been one of their battlegrounds.  Last year they showed up with the awesome Corvus board with the waterfront and fog effects, blowing some people away.  This year there is work on a mountain pass battle between Khador and Trollbloods.  What's interesting about the board is what you'll see in the planning pictures and labels.

Look carefully at the top two frames and you'll see locations marked for Khador Gun Carriages, the Trollkin War Wagons, even the new Khador Colossal: the Conquest.  What else do we see?  "Mountain King".  Considering the scale, those are large bases, and so it's safe to assume that the Mountain King will be the name of the Troll Colossal - the concept art for which can be viewed at the end of the announcement trailer:

That's not even the exciting part about this!  Adepticon is in one month and takes place at the end of April.  Wait, so they're making a display board with spots to place the Troll colossal? This means that we will likely be seeing the model for the Mountain King within the next month!  While we've already seen the models for the Conquest and Stormwall, being able to see a Hordes colossal while their book is not due out for another 8 months is pretty ambitious to say the least!  I guess we'll find out within the next month and if PP continues to grow their presence at Adepticon, maybe I'll go out there at some point.

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