Thursday, March 01, 2012

New Poll: Colossal Anticipation

Today is March 1st and it's time to take a look at our old poll and introduce a new one!  I like adding polls because they let us all see how some of us in the community are feeling on certain issues or events.  So I've had the previous poll up since the end of Templecon, asking: Which Warmachine/Hordes Faction needs 'fixing' the most?  Most of the responses were not terribly surprising, but I intentionally left the definition of 'fixing' up to you, the voter, as some factions might need to be fixed in a positive (made better) or negative (needs nerfing) way.  Indeed we have some interesting results, so let's take a look at them!

So here's the faction breakdown:
  5 (11%)
  4 (9%)
  8 (18%)
  2 (4%)
  5 (11%)
  4 (9%)
  1 (2%)
  1 (2%)
  0 (0%)
  3 (6%)
  16 (37%)

It might have something to do
with this guy...
It's quite clear that many of you believe that Minions need fixing.  Considering my experiences playing with and against Minions factions and writing a couple articles myself on certain members of the faction, I'm going to go ahead and assume that most of you believe that this is a faction that needs to be improved in a positive way.  Throughout my time at Templecon there were many jokes made (even by TOs) that people were "playing Minions - I mean 'Gators".  Common opinion out there says that the Farrow half of the faction is at best, bad, at worst, unplayable.  But even the 'Gators find themselves not winning many major tournaments (although they have won at least one).

In second place, many of you believe that Cryx needs fixing as well.  I've heard this many times and early-on in my Warmahordes experiences, I too believed that Cryx needed fixing, that they were dirty and too good.  I'm going to assume that you all meant that they needed to be nerfed, but I do know that there are some out there who still think that Cryx need some positive fixing as well.  I actually believe that the faction is wonderfully balanced, they just have some nasty tricks at their disposal and all of their warcasters are viable for play - even if most just want to use Terminus, eDeneghra, or eSkarre.  True, they had a large representation in the Masters tournament at Templecon, but it was not a Cryx player who won the Masters, so I think the world is safe for now.
Dirty rotten cheaters...

Curiously, there were not many who thought that Mercenaries needed fixing, despite a lot of internet logic stating otherwise.  No, there were more votes for Cygnar and Retribution - the former probably due to its popularity as a faction and the latter probably due to their relative lack of options (although they're better off than Minions players).  All said, it was a pretty close contest and I was also curious to see Khador get as many votes as Mercenaries - despite their strong performance and even winning the Templecon Masters.  Perhaps the votes were for nerfing the faction?

Without further ado, I present this month's poll question about our new favorite giant robots:
Which Colossal are you most excited about? 
Stormwall (Cygnar)
Conquest (Khador)
Judicator (Menoth)
Kraken (Cryx)
Galleon (Mercenaries)
Hyperion (Retribution)

The poll will close at the end of the month!

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