Friday, March 15, 2013

Project Press Ganger: Battlegroups!

It's been a while now but for those who weren't aware, I want to be a Press Ganger. My regular job takes a big time commitment but my spare time is mostly spent on Warmachine/Hordes and I've had some experience running tournaments in the past. I love Warmachine/Hordes and I want to give back to the community and help new people get into the game. I'm already a teacher so it's a natural interest for me and plays to my strengths! I like to think that I'm a good player, know the rules, and am fun to play against (or at least am helpful for those who are looking for advice) so I hope that Privateer Press will agree that I'd be a good candidate to be a Press Ganger. That's all well and good, but there are, of course, some requirements for applying to be a Press Ganger and one of those requirements is making sure that you have fully painted models to demo games with, and that's admittedly been an area of weakness for me. That ends today, however! I finally got two battlegroups fully painted for Hordes!

I already play Circle and have plenty of models but it took me forever to finally get around to painting those two arguses. I actually like the argus, but it doesn't really get added into many of my lists. I used to use it when I played eKaya but that was years ago. I finally painted everything though, including pKaya!
This actually inspires me to play with pKaya more than I have in the past. I also received the parts I needed to finish the scarsfell griffon and, depending on when the new Satyr comes out, I think I'll be taking pKaya out more often.

So the other battlegroup I painted was Trolls! Yes, Trolls.
I don't get a chance to play Trolls because I'm so busy but I do have a small collection that I often will spend my prize money beefing up. I figured this was a good opportunity to narrow down a color scheme for the Trolls so that when I finally decide to play with them more, I will know what direction I want to go with them color-wise (always the biggest challenge to overcome to get me painting).

With my two painted battlegroups I'm well on my way of becoming a Press Ganger (hopefully)!
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