Monday, July 09, 2012

New Poll: How do you react to seeing a Colossal on the table?

Hey everyone, I'm back!  It's been quite the eventful week in "Real Life" and I wish all of it was positive.  I'll have some interesting stuff for you guys this week leading up to the New England Team Tournament this weekend, but first I want put up our new poll for July and take a look at the poll which concluded at the end of June.  I've been seeing lots of hate out there for Colossals (particularly the Stormwall) but I've also seen a lot of people who are unimpressed.  This month the Conquest will be released and with there being enough time for the Stormwall to be seen on tables, I'm curious to hear how you all are dealing with it.  So let me present our new poll:

How do you react to seeing a Colossal on the table?
"Needs to be banned."
"I'll wreck it."
"I'll ignore it."
"I'm scared!"

I'm eager to see what your responses are to the question because I've witnessed all of the responses above and I think that they are all justified in their own way.  There has been some interesting discussion over on the Privateer Press forums about the topic and I won't say much more than that, except that there's one team that has apparently brought two Stormwalls per player.  Yikes!

Well now that you've seen the new poll for the month, I want to analyze the previous poll on whether people would be buying a Colossal.
Will you be buying a Colossal?
23% - "Yes! I'll be buying one ASAP!"
44% - "Yes, but I have to budget my funds carefully to afford one."
14% - "No, they are too expensive for my budget."
7% - "No, I'm not interested."
9% - "Not until I see the official rules."

I thought that the responses here were interesting but not really all that surprising.  Given the current economic climate, it's not surprising that a majority of players don't have the immediate funds to drop on a $125 model - however awesome it might be.  Someone pointed out to me that while they are certainly expensive compared to warjacks (a plastic Defender is $34.99 for 9 points, while the Stormwall is $134.99 for 19 points), their prices are actually on par with the cost/point ratio of infantry.  For example, Sword Knights cost $39.99/4 points, so that's $159.96 for 20 points, compared with $134.99 for the Stormwall at 19 points.  I digress.

I believe that Colossals will shift the meta back to the high damage output warjacks and warbeasts and the game will shift a bit further away from "infantry machine" without making them completely irrelevant.  The biggest change, I think, is that players will have to adjust to the idea of spending at least 2 turns taking out the Colossal unless they can charge one with two heavies (not terribly difficult to do).  In the end, I think they are a great addition to the game and I've personally had lots of fun with the Stormwall and can't wait to see the others!
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