Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thinking Cap: Initial thoughts on the Woldwrath

I think I inadvertently creating a shooting list with eBaldur.  I got to play with the Woldwrath for the first time a couple of weeks ago against a Cryx player at the Battle Standard.  He usually doesn't play in tournaments much but it was my first time with the Woldwrath anyway so I have no allusions that it's OMG BROKEN or anything but I do want to share my brief insights on the model.  I wanted to try out a 50 point game because Templecon is coming up soon and I need some practice.  I crafted a 50 point list for eBaldur a while ago but I finally got to try it out and so I need to share my findings.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Miss Warmachine/Hordes

It's 2013 everyone and it's time to crown your choice for who you believe to be Miss Warmachine/Hordes herself!  You cast your votes for the sexiest female warcasters... you cast your votes for the sexiest female warlocks... and then you had to cast your votes for who you thought deserved the title of Miss Warmachine/Hordes.  Sexiness isn't everything, of course, and your votes considered who deserved the title for her popularity, iconic stature, and her performance on the tabletop.  I do love myself a strong female character and your votes certainly chose a strong one.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I now present your choice of Miss Warmachine/Hordes:
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