Monday, October 08, 2012

New Poll: Sexiest [female] Warlock

So I'm still alive!  I've been distracted by a combination of work and Borderlands 2, but I'm still alive.  I've been taking a hiatus of sorts from Warmachine/Hordes for a little while and part of that is because I don't have as many opportunities to play games anymore because summer vacation is over and I'm wayyyy over on mileage for my lease.  My hope is that my fiancee's new car will help take the pressure off of my mileage so I can still play some games, but finances are quite tight with the wedding coming up one year from yesterday (OMGOMGOMG!)

Anyway, today I'll ease back into things by analyzing the last poll which asked which was the sexiest [female] warcaster!  This next month the poll will be the sexiest [female] warlock, so make sure you place your vote up there!  Stay tuned for a special article tomorrow on women in gaming - a topic which has come to the forefront in gaming in the past week or so.  My goal is to return to a full daily schedule of articles but after being away from it for so long, I'm not sure I'll be able to do so.  There's no shortage of topics for me to discuss, but time is the biggest issue.  I digress.  Let's talk about some sexy warcasters!

I do want to first add that there were a few questions about why I didn't include the Old Witch, and that's because I felt like there might be some "troll poll" entries for her which might skew the results.  In a similar way, I felt a little wrong about including the Witch Coven and Harbinger because of their ages, but I was hoping that people could look past the exposed skin issue and consider their personalities (not a euphemism).  Women are allowed to be sexy while wearing appropriate clothing, so I figured we could look past the fact that they are not truly adult women.

Here are the results:
Victoria Haley - 8%
Constance Blaze - 2%
Kara Sloan - 9%
Deneghra - 4%
The Witch Coven - 17%
Skarre - 12%
Mortenebra - 1%
Sorscha Kratikoff - 16%
Feora - 2%
Harbinger of Menoth - 7%
Thyra - 1%
Kaelyssa - 5%
Ravyn - 2%
Ashlynn D'Elyse - 10%
Fiona the Black - 5%

I don't see it.
I do want to highlight the top five:
1) Witch Coven (17%)
2) Sorscha Kratikoff (16%)
3) Skarre (12%)
4) Ashlynn D'Elyse (10%)
5) Kara Sloan (9%)
What I find the most interesting here is that while the most popular vote was for the Witch Coven which are notorious for showing off bare skin, the second most popular wears a full coat because she's from the icy north!  In fact, Deneghra shows more skin than the others on this list and yet she barely made it into the top 10.  Clearly, skin isn't entirely what makes women sexy (hooray!) but something else.  I will bring up the significance of this poll tomorrow when I write about women in wargaming through the lens of Warmachine/Hordes, but I do appreciate that, except for Skarre, most of the sexiest women (in the top 10) dress appropriately to their warrior woman status.

I am a little sad to see people don't think Connie is very sexy though. 
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