Friday, October 28, 2011

Holiday Homebrew: Archeron the Silent Harvester

In the spirit of Halloween, I decided that I would have some fun and create my own rules for a Hordes Warlock!  I have included the rules and some design ideas below
Pumpkin Patch Golem by Reaper Miniatures
Halloween is coming up soon!  I will be returning to my native land of Boston to partake in the festivities, which will include all kinds of costuming revelry, partying, and generally just having a good time with my friends and my girlfriend.

As I was getting into the spirit of the holiday, I thought to myself, "Self, you know what would be really cool?  If Privateer Press made a Halloween Pumpkin-Head-Reaper type warlock."  Originally, I was thinking that this kind of character would be great for the Blindwater Congregation, or as some kind of Minion warlock, as that seems to be the place where they get to have all of the wacky characters and beasts.  When I started to think about it, however, I started to realize that the best fit for this kind of warlock would actually be Circle Orboros.  No, really!

The Fiddlesticks artwork which inspired me
I like the "harvest" image, but this is too humanoid

I knew that I wanted a character a lot like "Fiddlesticks" from League of Legends: a spellcaster that focused on scaring the crap out of you and killing you by slinging spells.  I knew that the first spell I wanted was Murder of Crows.  I know that the spell is unique to the Old Witch, but I kinda imagined this character doing something similar to her anyway.  I also envisioned him getting a lot of use out of the spell Harvest, as I figured it would be appropriate to the imagery of this pumpkin-headed construct ponderously crossing the field, collecting bones.  I wanted him to thrive more off of infantry and be less of a beast caster, as Circle already has some casters who really support their warbeasts, but I also wanted to differentiate him from Morvahna.  So I came up with a more suitable justification fluff-wise, which actually made it easy to find spells that fit the character.

The Lord of The Feast:

The single most terrifying solo on the table for infantry.  This guy can slowly walk across the field and then, using his raven, teleport into B2B with a model and then carve up infantry, using their hearts to fuel his rage and allow him to buy more attacks and boost damage.  This is very close to what I imagined I wanted this warlock to do - strike fear into opposing infantry!  So how could I differentiate my warlock from the Lord of the Feast?

Here's the story: Dark times require dark measures.  This was a decision made by the senior blackclads of the Circle Orboros.  With Baldur's resurrection from what was thought to be certain death, came a singular purpose: destruction.  Baldur owed the Devourer Wyrm and with that he sought out the hidden secrets of the high priests of the Molgur tribes.  The Molgur rites allowed the Circle to call upon an avatar of the Unsleeping One to let it loose on the living, but Baldur knew that the Circle needed an even greater power.  Using the black rites of the Molgur, Baldur was able to summon the spirit of the greatest Lord of the Devourer that ever existed: Archeron, the Silent Harvester.  Baldur knew that Archeron's true power needed to be captured and controlled, and so he crafted a wold construct of vine, timber, and stone, and with a gourd lined in runes and filled with the blood, he sealed Archeron's spirit, forever binding the Silent Harvester.  In his new body, Archeron gracefully stalks the battlefield, seeking out flesh and bone to harvest for the Devourer, silencing the screams of his victims as he carves out their hearts.

Now that you've read the story behind him, check out his rules!  Disclaimer: these rules are just for fun and have has 0 playtest experience!  Don't take them too seriously!
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