Monday, October 24, 2011

Army Showcase: Sticks and Stones

My big stone constructs! The Woldguardian is my fave
When I first thought about playing Warmachine/Hordes, I looked through all of the different models of the factions on the Privateer Press website.  At the time, the group of gamers at the Local Game Store were mostly playing 40k, so I wanted to start small and cheap, just to get a 25-35 point army just to have something different to play.  I saw the models for the Woldwarden and Megalith and thought that they were pretty neat.  I've always loved druids and the idea of animated trees, and this was pretty close.

Woldstalkers.  Most call them "shrimp"
At the time, the playtest for Mk. II was still underway for Hordes - but was almost finished - and so I was lucky in that I was able to download the playtest rules for all of the Hordes factions for free!  Granted, this meant that I was looking at units and models whose rules might change before they were finalized, but I was able to get a good idea of what the rules were going to look like.  Sure enough, the rules didn't end up changing all that much (except for the Woldwatcher... grr) and I was able to keep the force that I started!

The man, himself
So, I decided to start my Circle army of constructs, led by the Tritus-wielding Baldur.  I wanted to try a different paint-scheme than the usual gray stones.  I looked through all of the armies I had painted over the years and realized that there was one color largely underrepresented: purple!  I've always thought that purple is a great color and I figured that if someone was going to complain about purple rocks, I'd say "Oh so you think that it's more likely to have those rocks and twigs beating face?  Are the purple rocks really that unbelievable?"  Besides, it's magic.

Sticks and stones...
The paint scheme was stupid easy: prime gray, wash rocks with GW Leviathan Purple wash, paint twigs with GW Bestial Brown, paint the ropes with GW Bleached Bone, and then I washed the twigs and ropes with GW Gryphonne Sepia wash.  Oh and then I painted the runes with watered-down Reaper Dead White.  It was really easy and the results look pretty good, if I do say so.  I also used some GW Hawk Turquoise for the glowing gems/eyes on the constructs.

I see you!
Overall, I'm pleased with how my army looked.

"Looked?  Did he say looked?"

My two 'furry' beasts
Why yes, observant reader, I did say 'looked'.  At this time I am revisiting my paint scheme and touching things up, adding some highlights, fixing some chipped areas (which you can see on the shifting stones left) and generally making my Circle army look a little crisper.  I'm also finally basing my Pureblood and Gnarlhorn (the only "furry" beasts I have painted right now) as well as finally painting some of my other models.  I love my Circle, so it's time that I show them the love with shiny new paint jobs!

I will be posting the "new and improved" photos next week for comparison, but for now I want to show my Circle army, which has shown me much love since my foray into Hordes.

Oh and I have an awesome win percentage with Baldur (except against Harbinger...), and even won my first game ever of Hordes Mk. II with him against the owner of the LGS I played at.  No big deal.
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