Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Miss Warmachine/Hordes Pageant

Okay, so my last poll ended a billion years ago and I've been far busier this year with helping the fiancee plan the wedding (although she's definitely doing most of the work).  As a little aside, feel free to check out her wedding blog over there on the top right of the page!  We're doing a Steampunk wedding and while it's going to be awesome, there's been a lot of work crafting the stuff we need - as if weddings aren't crazy enough to plan as it is.  I digress.

After the results of the last poll (see below) we now have your votes for the sexiest female warlocks and it's time for the ultimate showdown: The Miss Warmachine/Hordes Pageant!  Indeed, make sure to cast your vote for who you believe should win the title of Miss Warmachine/Hordes!  These finalists have been taken from our previous polls but this time you should also weigh their accomplishments, background, and tabletop performance in addition to their sexiness.  By the end of the year we will have our Miss Warmachine/Hordes herself!

So I'm sure you've already figured out who the top 4 sexiest [female] warlocks were, but let's look at the actual results if you've forgotten:
Kaya - 20.9%
Morvahna - 17.4%
Absylonia - 2.6%
Bethayne - 2.6%
Lylith - 13.0%
Rhyas - 11.3%
Saeryn - 7.8%
Vayl - 13.0%
Makeda - 5.2%
Calandra - 0.9%
Grissel Bloodsong - 5.2%

Given the effect that the blight undoubtedly has on the female form and the lack of true human women in Hordes, it's pretty unsurprising that the two ladies (yes, only two) of the Circle Orboros got the most votes here.  I'm a little surprised, however, to see that Vayl didn't get more votes considering she has tried so hard to make sure that her body isn't corrupted by Everblight.  I'm wondering if she thinks her efforts have been worth it, but she did tie for 3rd place.

Sadly, it seems like the audience of Steam-Powered Gamer don't really like hippies, but I'm pleased to see that Grissel got more votes than the mutated husk or the chick which likes to merge with a dragonspawn...
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